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Petty Trick


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  Amy was on her way home from school. The delicious smell of fried chicken and fresh bread slipped into children’s sensitive noses and made their mouths water. She saw some of her classmates standing in front of the baker’s and waiting for their loaves of fresh breads. Amy could feel the wrinkled money in her pocket which her grandma had given her in the morning and asked Amy to buy a piece of newspaper for her. Meanwhile, the flavor of food was luring her into buying something to eat. But the money she had can only afford the newspaper or a small package of fried chicken thighs.


  ‘Why not buy some snacks to reward myself after studying the whole day? I can just tell a little lie that the money was nowhere to be found in school!’ Amy was too young and too gluttonous to resist the fine food. She fished out the money from her pocket, gave it to the shopkeeper, and then waited for her piping hot chicken thighs coming into her little hands.

  “为什么不买些零食来奖励学习了一整天的自己呢?我完全可以说一个小谎 就说这钱在学校找不到了!”Amy年纪小又贪吃使她无法抵挡美食的诱惑。她从口袋里摸出钱来递给售货员,然后等待着热腾腾的炸鸡到手。

Chewing the thighs in her month, Amy seemed satisfied but perturbed. She looked around nervously fearing that someone was keeping watch on her, she walked fast like someone would catch her committing the evil crime.


  Finally, Amy came downstairs the apartment. She dared not climb up the stairs and knock the door. She didn’t know how to make it a perfect lie without being discovered even though she had practiced the words in mind a hundred times. Suddenly, another idea flashed into her mind as she saw a corner of the newspaper stretching out the slit of the mailbox of the Room 101. Her two little fingers grabbed the corner of the paper and took it out warily and stealthily from the slit. That’s exactly what grandma asked her to buy! She dashed upstairs rapidly with delight. ‘Help from heaven! Maybe I could keep doing this so I would be able to eat delicious food every day after school!’


Standing out of the door, Amy drank some water to wash away the smell of the chicken, cleaned her mouth with a facial tissue, then knocked the door of grandma’s house.


  ‘Welcome home, my dear Amy!’ grandma opened the door and kissed Amy on her forehead, ‘Did you buy the newspaper for me?’


  ‘Here it is.’ Amy put on a show of calmness.


  ‘Oh, my lovely little girl. You have grown up! Now you can do something to help me now! I am very proud of you!’ grandma said with a kindly smile, ‘Do you think you could buy me the newspaper every day?’


  ‘Of course, nana.’ A smile played on Amy’s lips. Now I can buy those yummy foods every day!


Amy played this little trick the day after it and the next following days. She felt guilty at first, but after several times, she became used to it.



  ‘Happy Children’s Day, Amy!’ said grandma, ‘Buy what you want to reward yourself. Thank you for bringing me the newspaper every day!’



Amy was excited while walking downstairs. ‘10 yuan! I could buy a load of things!’ she thought, ‘I could buy a new pencil box or a new notebook. And I could eat more!’


  Abruptly, she saw the mailbox again and felt a tightness in her chest. ‘What I have done! I am such a thief!’ She felt that even the mailbox and the ten-yuan-bill were laughing at her, saying that ‘You don’t deserve it.’ Staring at them for a long time, eventually she made a decision.



After school, many children rushed to buy things by the money that their parents had given them as an unexpected gift on their big day. Amy bought nothing but a piece of newspaper for grandma. Standing in front of the mailbox again, she wrapped the rest money in a paper written ‘SORRY’ on it and tucked it into the mailbox. ‘Sorry, mailbox. I won’t do that kind of things again. Your master will be glad to receive this unexpected money and forgive me, right?’


Amy dashed upstairs and ended up her big day with a smile of relief.



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