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 Anxiety becomes a social common mentality

Haitao Du

Source: People’s Daily

Date: August 4th, 2011



The article focuses on the widespread anxiety of Chinese people, which has become a rising social issue of China’s society. The current status of Chinese people’s mentality and the reasons that cause the anxiety are closely investigated in the article, while vivid examples are provided to support the author’s view. The author listed 3 types of anxiety that most Chinese people were suffering from, namely the anxiety of employment, the anxiety of identity, and the anxiety of wealth. In each type of anxiety, the main issue is highlighted and impressive real stories of people from different backgrounds are depicted. Finally, the author discussed whether there was a way to ease the anxiety and improve the well-being of Chinese people’s mentality.




Middle-aged workers are on the go between their unit[1]and family, who are always worried that they may have no time to pick up their children from school. Young office workers[2] are weaving their way through crowded subways, and are worried that they can’t afford to buy a house. University students are afraid that they can’t find a satisfying job after graduating, and are willing to accept probations with no salary. The elder people talk over about the unimplemented treatment after retired and how difficult it becomes to see a doctor. Public servants complain about their insufficient income[3] and heavy pressure. Farmers are in fear of the rising price of fertilizer and decreasing price of grain. Bosses of private enterprises are terrified of changing policies and therefore unable to maintain their business…




With the intensifying development of economy and society and competition, anxiety is no longer a patent of the vulnerable groups, but converted into a common mentality. In many people’s views, the surrounding is usually hazardous and there are always some reasons to feel anxious.




So why are more and more people annoyed by anxiety? How can we avert the anxiety of social groups and thus endow our people with more sense of security and let them feel more happiness?



Anxiety of Employment—




During the transition period, the acute reform of social structure smashed the original safeguard[4], yet new pledge4 is not made fully. The seed of anxiety is planted into people’s heart.




It’s the end of July. Jijun Liu let out a sigh when he got a thin piece of the Certificate of Continuing Worker’s Basic Pension Insurance. His anxious heart was appeased a little.



Started to work, laid off, did business, and found a job… a series of changes make Liu, who is still 42 years old, look much older than his real age.




In 1990, Liu, who was 21 at that time, entered a machinery plant of a county town in the southeast part of Shandong Province and became a lathe turner after he had graduated from a technical school. In 1998, he was already the production monitor of the plant. Just at the time for him to have a great longing for a bright future, the great tide of state-owned enterprise reform swept across the small county. The county’s machinery plant was amalgamated into the city’s machinery plant, and Liu was laid off.




For more than 10 years, his life seemed to fall into a bottomless pit, and he couldn’t feel any sense of security[5].




According to Liu, he learned to drive counting on his youth right after he left the machinery plant, and his family clubbed together to buy him a minibus. Then he operated passenger traffic between the town and the county, which brought quite a lot of income. It was hard work, but he felt pretty steady and sure. However, a few years later, the minibus was almost written off because of an accident, which gave him a severe shock, and he didn’t have the confidence to drive any more.




And since then, he also had sold vegetables and run sales with his fellow-villager, but the business always costed more than he earned. In 2007, his 6-year-old son went to the primary school, and his wife received an operation in the hospital because of illness, which added to the burden on his family. Liu’s temper was getting more and more violent.




In 2010, Liu became a maintenance man in a municipal corporation by recruitment, and extended his worker’s basic pension insurance that had suspended for years. On the surface, the life stabled temporally, but he was still lack of confidence. A salary of 1400 Yuan per month can only make out a living, which is not nearly enough to support their son to go to high school and university in the future. Whenever thinking about this, he feels in the dark.

[1] “单位” here means the organization where people work, usually refers to state-owned or mixed enterprises. Literally translation of it is a “unit”. It’s a China’s unique concept; I hereby chose to use source language translation directly to avoid wordy sentences.

[2] “白领” is “white-collar” literally, however, I translated it to office worker here to enhance a better understanding.

[3] “钱包瘪” literally means a dented purse, which actually refers to insufficient income.

[4] Both“保护壳” and “安全阀” mean a measure of security and insurance, therefore I translated them into “safeguard” and “pledge”.

[5]心里总是没着落” means that he cannot make sure about anything, which means no sense of security.











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