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The house was humongous—a monster Victorian—but seemed almost small with all the guests just standing around smiling hard and sipping drinks and talking in an exaggeratedly unanxious way, trying not to notice that the bride and bridegroom were, like, forty-five minutes late. It was the kind of house his mother liked to sell, all gleaming wood and built-in bookcases, and furniture that looked too good to sit on. Vee had positioned himself at the foot of the winding staircase in order to capture the happy couple as they took their very first steps into the room.


Shooting weddings was not Vee’s only business, he had several, his father liked to say he was a Veritable Young Entrepreneur, though there was something condescending about the way that he said it, something slightly mocking that Vee didn’t like. His other businesses included babysitting (which was how he’d met Beth andLena), included lawn care and snow removal, included pet sitting, included basically any single thing that his college-professor clients needed. Vee specialized in college professors because his father was one and had introduced him to several, and, well, because they didn’t do much for themselves, either wouldn’t or couldn’t, they needed lots of help, which was part of his business plan, they were an actual niche market, here in the college-fat Pioneer Valley, a market Vee could exploit, and he did. And made mad, mad money, which he absolutely happened to need.


Vee needed money for his surgery. Or surgeries, plural, likely there’d be more than one. Now Vee was circling back, circling back to the question, already established, of gender expression: Vee happened to have been born Olive, née Olive, in other words, he was actually born she not he, though he couldn’t remember, it went so far back, the first time he switched the pronouns in his head. Right now he was sixteen years old and his actual transition was years and years away, but Vee knew it would come, this wasAmerica, after all, where anything and everything was possible, or so people said, anything was possible if you worked hard enough, which he did; Vee worked harder than anyone he knew.

维在筹钱做外科手术,也许该用复数形式,手术很可能不止一场。现在,维在不停地追溯,追溯到一个已经确定的关于性别的表达的问题上:维意外地以奥莉芙的身份诞生,妮 奥莉芙,换句话说,就是实际上,他出生的时候是她而不是他,虽然由于时间太久远,他已经记不起他是什么时候开始转换他的人称代词了。现在他16岁,而他真正的转变是多年以前的事了。但是,维知道那会到来的,因为这里是美国,一个任何事情一切事情都有可能发生的地方,或者像人们说的,如果你足够努力,一切皆有可能,维也正是这么做的:他比任何他所知道的人都要努力!

So he was glad to shoot the wedding, though in this particular instance he was making some green by ripping his own heart out, because he happened to be madly and passionately and devastatingly in love withLena. The bride, not the bridegroom. Vee babysat forLenaand Beth’s little boy, Max, who was mixed race, though his white parents were not. Maximilian was adopted, plus a great kid, if a little serious, if a little self-important. Maybe he got it from his moms, they were serious themselves, though maybe earnest was a better word, maybe supercorrect, though not in a tight-fisted way, more in a genuine, heartbreaking, we’re-gonna-do-right-by-our-brown-son kind of way. 


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