【中译英】童年纪 Memories of Childhood

蛍殿 (Naomi Beauchamp)
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Right now I am sitting in the studying hall in our old school library, preparing for my Modern Chinese test. The annoying grammar rules, one piece after another, make me dazzled. I give up straight up before I get started. Damn the MC. What could I do with you?


You came by yesterday, putting an apple on my desk, and as usual, left with a grin. I am now chewing the apple. Though the red color decorates it beautifully, it tastes a little bit sour, and crunchy, crunch-crunch, and watery. The juice splits over my book due to my carelessness. And you know right away that, it’s good for the thirst. The temperature is surging up these days, and the hot chicks on the streets are wearing their hot short-cuts. You’ve been criticizing me for wrapping myself up like a nut, for that I don’t know how to dress up as a girl. And I’d always smile and say,"Girls who practice dancing are way to much lighter than those who don't. If we don't put on more, it’d be easy to get us gone with the wind.” You bought several apples and washed them clean, and put them into the sideboard. I stared at them, wondering they must be chill inside there. I have another bite on the apple in my hand, and a sudden guilty knock me off, for she should've been with her companionship chilling out inside the board. Iknow if you know what I think right now, you’d say, "I’ve never seen you thinking half as hard as you do now when it comes to your lessons.” And I’d be sure to retort you with those words, “Com’on, Oldie Dad, you gotta be more imaginative!”

妈妈回来了,手里拿着我的新舞鞋,我一整个下午都在等妈妈呢。嘿嘿 我欢快地迎过去,绕着妈妈转圈圈。妈妈故意嗔怪我说:你就想着你的舞鞋!你这样叫妈妈怎么进屋?我嘻嘻地笑,迫不及待地抢过妈妈手里的方便袋,逃跑了。身后传来妈妈的声音:哎哟,我怎么生了个强盗女儿哪。我心里嘿嘿地笑着,知道妈妈可舍不得真骂我。我打开方便袋,我的新舞鞋是乳白的,细细长长的系带,很漂亮啊。我心里乐开了花,现在我有两双舞鞋了,原先的那双是红色的,像火一样。妈妈本来不同意买新舞鞋的,因为原先那双都还好好的。她本打算等坏掉了再给我买一双。可是我不依,硬是软磨硬泡得让妈妈给买了新舞鞋。这下我的奸计可得逞了。

Mom came back, holding my new pair of dancing shoes in her hand. I'd been waiting for her the whole afternoon. Heh. I went over toward her to show my welcome, swirling around her in circles. Mom pretended to blame me for blocking her way. She said, “All you think about are your shoes. How could I get into the room since now?” I giggled, gripping off of her hand the polyester bag without hesitation, and fled away. Mom’s voice lingered along my path, “OMG! Look at my little pirate girl!” I laughed in my heart, for I knew that mom wouldn’t scold me for real. I opened the PE bag, and there lied my new shoes with a milky white color shade and long narrow strips. Gorgeous! I was in an ecstasy, for now I’d got two pairs of dancing shoes. The original pair was red, just like fire. Mom was to buy me another pair, for the original one was just as new as a new one. She meant to buy me another after that pair was worn out. But I just wouldn’t give in and tried all my skills and tricks to get her buy me a new pair. And now I GOT IT!


It was near to dusk when mom stepped into the kitchen to prepare us dinner. And I’d already got the idea of what we got for dinner. Mom was gonna make one of my favorite dishes-sweet and sour carp.(不知道翻错了没有?糖醋鲤鱼怎么说来着?) The carp had been swimming in our sink all day long, and it was apparent to itself that it had a narrow chance of escaping from our table. When it came to the afternoon, it was just turning around and round in languor, and flopped  harshly every now and then to protest its anguish. A weird idea overwhelmed me that afternoon, and I picked up a kitchen knife to threaten it to stay still. I scraped across over its scales reversely. The act infuriated it apparently, and it flopped harshly, splashing up some water. I was shocked for sure. So, fine, we were not to mess up with each other any more. Anyway you are the one to embrace the frying pan tonight, and we’ll who is the one to conquer. And when I scrutinized at it, I suddenly felt sorry for it. I was regreting being rud to it. It must feel tortured then. It must think I am a barbarian. I kept on thinking, and had an urge to cry. But come off it, it’s already frying in the pan. Its skin where I scraped was turning into orange as I watched at it in the pan, and I was thinking that, it must be delicious for now.


Mom exiled me out of the kitchen, for the reason that with I standing there contemplating, she could not focus on exhibiting her cooking skills. I said with mockery, “ What kind of cooking skill would turn rice into porridge?” The comment enraged mom and she said snappily, “The kind of cooking skill which can make you drool to the pan. Hit off quickly.” I went out of the kitchen grudgingly, muttering to myself, “What makes me drool is not your skil, but the carp!” At the moment dad came back home, with two bamboo shoots as thick as thighs in his hands, proclaming the snack for dinner. This time I was to drool for real.

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