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Steve Ballmer: Google Is A Monopoly And Should Be Investigated By The Government


Business Insider/Julie Bort

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks that Google is a monopoly and that the government should step in and do something about it.

So he said on Thursday at Microsoft's analyst conference in Bellevue, Wash. He was discussing how so few companies have grown really huge by offering cloud services to consumers, even though there are a few up-and-comers like Facebook.

Of all the markets Microsoft plays in, and it pretty much hits them all (devices, software,  cloud for consumers and the enterprise), Ballmer says that making money in consumer cloud services is the toughest.

"Google does it. They have, dare I say, a monopoly. We are the only company on the planet still trying to compete with it," he said.

And Microsoft is pressuring the authorities to investigate Google when it comes to search:

This [search] is a scale game because the market for advertising is auction-based economics. If we have exactly the same quality of algorithms but less scale in search advertising we get less revenue per search than Google which means they have more money to pay for distribution on Samsung or Apple. Rumor is they pay each $1 to $3 billion a year for distributing their search products. We have to generate volume to step up.

I believe that Google's practices are worthy of discussion with competition authority. And we have certainly discuss them with competition authorities. I don't think their practices are getting less merit tortuous of discussion. We highlighted some bad practices in advertising and discussions with regulators, the bundling they're doing with You Tube and Google Maps. I think they need pressure from competition. I think they need pressure in the marketplace with product, with investment, with scale. How do we get scale? On our own devices or on somebody with whom we're closely aligned.

That's rich and ironic coming Ballmer. Microsoft was under scrutiny in the U.S. for a decade after the Department of Justice declared it was a monopoly and was violating anti-trust law by bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. As late as March of this year. EU regulators were still fining Microsoft for not keeping its anti-trust agreement with them.

Still, Microsoft could get its way. All kinds of government agencies have been listening and saber rattling around Google,threatening investigations into this or that. Some of them have ended more-or-less in Google's favor, like an FTC investigation in January that found Google was not abusing its search engine to favor advertisers. 




微软CEO 史蒂夫.鲍尔默

微软CEO 史蒂夫.鲍尔默认为Google是一个垄断企业,政府应该进行干涉和有所作为才行。


偏偏就连微软参与的市场中, Google也几乎对他们造成了严重的影响(设备,软件,消费者云和企业),鲍尔默说在消费者的云服务中赚钱是最困难的。



我相信Google的做法是值得与竞争监管委员会一起讨论的。而且我们确实已经和他们讨论过这个问题了。我不认为他们的做法会使漫长曲折的讨论变得更有价值和进展。我们在与监管机构讨论中强调了广告中一些不好的做法,就像他们对You Tube和Google地图捆绑一样。我认为他们需要从竞争中获取压力。我觉得他们在产品,投资,规模的市场交易中需要有压力。那我们怎样获得规模呢?就在我们自己的设备中或者在我们关系密切的同盟伙伴中。



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Microsoft used to be a monopoly,but now is charging Google with it's growth.Ballmer is so anxious for losing the market share that makes his face red.It really makes people feel funny and helpless.And no one will thinks that even as strong as iron like Miscrosoft will face the threat of collapsing one day.Everything impermanent as change is the only constant in nature!

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