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Critical Data Was Delayed in Search for MissingMalaysiaAirlines Flight


Investigators Are Still Working to Recover From the Delay


March 19, 2014 11:11 p.m. ET

An office building is illuminated with lights displaying "Pray for MH370" next to thePetronasTwinTowersinKuala Lumpuron Wednesday. Associated Press星期三,在吉隆坡马来西亚国油双子星塔旁的一座办公楼的电子光幕上显示出“祈福MH370”的字样。(美联社)

Four days went by before officials acted on satellite data showing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew for several hours away from the area being covered by a massive international search, people familiar with the matter said—a delay from which investigators are still working to recover.


The satellite's operator, Britain's Inmarsat PLC, on March 11 turned over to a partner company its data analysis and other documents indicating that the plane wasn't anywhere near the areas on either side of Malaysia where more countries and ships had been searching for three days since the plane disappeared. The documents included a map showing two divergent north and south corridors for the plane's route stretching some 3,000 miles from the plane's last previously known location, the people said.


The information was relayed to Malaysian officials by Wednesday, March 12, the people said. Inmarsat also shared the same information with British security and air-safety officials on Wednesday, according to two of the people, who were briefed on the investigation.


Two additional people familiar with the Malaysian side of the probe said the information could have arrived in Kuala Lumpur as late as the morning of March 13.此外两名熟悉马来西亚方面搜救情况的人士称这一消息到达吉隆坡最迟也不超过313日早晨。

Malaysia's government, concerned about corroborating the data and dealing with internal disagreements about how much information to release, didn't publicly acknowledge Inmarsat's information until March 15, during a news conference with Prime Minister Najib Razak. Malaysia began to redirect the search effort that day to focus on the areas the information described, and said for the first time that deliberate actions were involved in the plane's disappearance.由于考虑到数据的可靠性以及在处理国内关于应当公布多少信息的疑虑,马来西亚方面直到315日才在总理纳吉布·拉扎克的新闻发布会上承认国际海事通信卫星公司的信息的真实性。马方自当日起将把搜救重心放在卫星信息提及的区域,并首次就飞机失踪事件作出承诺将采取更为谨慎行动。

The disclosures about how the information made its way into the investigation underline how international efforts to find the plane have been repeatedly marred by distrust among the countries involved, confusion in many ofMalaysia's public statements, and criticism from many countries that has led some to suspend or change their search efforts in frustration.


The lost days and wasted resources have threatened to impede the investigation, according to some officials involved with the probe.


The delay also means that 12 days after Flight 370 vanished, investigators are still refining search maps, dividing regions to cover and seeking satellite-surveillance records from several countries along the routes the aircraft is now suspected of taking.这一延迟也意味着在370航班消失掉的12天里,调查人员仍然处在在飞机可能经过的路线的几个国家周围,精确检索地图,划分卫星覆盖区域并寻找微信监控记录的阶段。

In acknowledging the satellite information Saturday, Mr. Najib saidMalaysia"worked hand in hand with our international partners, including neighboring countries" and "shared information in real time with authorities who have the necessary experience to interpret the data."


Another government official saidMalaysiawas cautious about revealing and acting on the data because "we don't want to upset anybody with round after round of confusing information."其他国家的政府官员称马来西亚方面对于数据的披露以及在是否采用这些数据方面十分谨慎,因为“我们不想公布一次又一次错误信息引起众怒。”

U.S.national-security officials haven't commented on information-sharing issues.Britain's Ministry of Defense had no immediate comment and its air-crash investigation agency, which has been invited to assist in the probe, said it couldn't comment on "an ongoing investigation."


China's government has complained aboutMalaysia's response, with Premier Li Keqiangon Monday urging Mr. Najib to provide "more detailed information in its possession, including third-party information, in a timely, accurate and comprehensive manner," according toChina's official Xinhua news agency.China's foreign ministry didn't immediately respond to a request to comment late Wednesday.


Within hours of Flight 370's disappearance on March 8, Inmarsat started searching for clues. What little data it had on the short flight before it disappeared was provided to SITA, a Swiss aviation IT company, on the same day, Inmarsat said.


Late that weekend, Inmarsat's team delved into its databases to retrieve periodic "pings," akin to digital handshakes between the plane, a satellite and a ground station, said an industry official briefed on the investigation. The hourly signals provided a crucial clue that the missing 777 most likely remained intact with its engines presumably running hours after it lost contact with civilian radar.



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