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If Need for Speed Were a Silent Movie, It Would Be the Most Amazing Racing Movie Ever


Here’s what you do: See Need for Speed in 3-D in the biggest theater imaginable, but bring along a pair of noise-canceling headphones, the kind you can turn on and off. Then — and I’m serious about this — just turn them on every time anyone in the movie opens their mouth. You don’t want to hear the dialogue, but you do want to hear the incredible sound design — the supercars that rumble, grumble, screech, and scream as they careen down highways and spin around corners. Based on the popular video games, this is a movie with breathtakingly visceral racing scenes, and they are matched by a breathtakingly, breathtakingly terrible script.
这就是你要做的:在你可以想象的最大的3D剧场看极品飞车,但是要带上降噪耳机,就是可以自行调节开关的那种。然后 - 我很认真的 - 只要电影里有人张嘴就赶紧把耳机关掉。你不想听对话,但你确实想听无与伦比的音效 - 超级跑车发出引擎轰鸣,在高速公路上横冲直撞的呼啸以及转角漂移的嘶鸣。电影基于一款广受欢迎的视频游戏,于是赛车场面激动的令人心底发怵,不过电影还搭配更加令人发怵的可怕剧本。

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a talented, all-American racer and auto-shop owner whose modest background has prevented him from hitting the big time on the illegal racing circuit; if he wants to “fly with the eagles,” we’re told early on, he’s “gonna need a bigger set of wings.” Tobey’s rival in both cars and women, Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper) did make it big, and, of course, he’s the kind of swarthy fellow who thinks nothing of committing murder to get his way. So, Dino causes the death of a close friend of Tobey’s during a drag race and frames Tobey for the incident. (He can do that, because he’s all-powerful, and there were no witnesses, even though they were racing down busy streets in broad da…aah, I digress.)
《绝命毒师》的亚伦·保罗饰演托比·马歇尔,一名有天分的全美赛车手,汽修店主的寒酸背景没法让他把时间花在非法赛车圈子里。如果他想“与鹰齐飞,”电影一早就告诉我们,他“需要一双更大的翅膀。 ”托比在赛车和女人两方面的对手是迪诺·布鲁斯特(多米尼克·库珀),确实有很大的“翅膀”,当然,他还有那种佛挡杀佛的腹黑作风。因此,托比的好朋友在一场拉力赛上死在迪诺的手上,并且嫁祸给了托比。 (迪诺能做到这个,因为他是全能的,就算他们在光天化日下、人来人往大街上赛车也没有目击者哟......哈哈,我跑偏了。 )

You’d think that seeing his best friend burnt to a crisp in a comically fiery car crash would make Tobey think twice about racing again (or at least haunt him in some way), but no. After spending two years in prison, Tobey gets out and immediately decides to challenge Dino at an illegal, high-stakes drag race known as DeLeon, run by a mysterious, full-of-it radio personality known as Monarch (Michael Keaton, who must have stipulated in his contract that he would never have to leave his chair). But before he can join the race — or even find out its specific location — Tobey has to Cannonball Run it across the country, driving to California from New York in 45 hours. For his ride, he’s got a mythical car: a Ford Mustang that the legendary designer Carroll Shelby was working on when he died. For his companion, he’s got the beautiful Julia Maddon (Imogen Poots), a game, quirky car nerd who works with the guy who technically owns the Mustang. Together, they speed nonstop, re-fuel while driving, and cause automotive chaos in major American cities.
也许你会 想,托比先生在看到他最好的朋友在燃烧的车祸现场被烧成渣渣,应该会三思一下再次出山(至少是有某种程度的困扰吧),但是没有。两年监禁完了之后,托比一 出狱就立刻决定挑战迪诺,参加一个非法而且高风险的拉力赛"德莱昂",这场赛事是被称为君王的一个神秘人物主办(迈克尔·基顿,估计电影的合同规定他永远 不能离开椅子)但在参赛之前, - 甚至是想知道比赛的具体位置之前 - 托比必须开着他的炮弹飞车穿越全美,45小时内从加州开到纽约。此行他拥有了神话般的座驾:福特野马,传说级设计师卡罗尔·谢尔比去世前还在精雕细琢的杰 作。给他作伴的是美丽的朱莉娅·马登(伊莫金·普茨),她是一位勇敢又古怪的汽车怪咖,与拥有野马技术的高人一起工作。总之,他们用马不停蹄的速度,一边 开车一边加油的技术,在美国各大城市引发车辆骚动。

Need for Speed gets some of the cooler details of this world right: The Cessnas in the air looking out for clear lanes and cops, the high-tech nature of modern illegal street racing, etc. Director Scott Waugh, who came up through the stunt world, thrives on that kind of authenticity. His previous film, 2012’s Act of Valor, was a glorified, but effective, Navy SEAL recruitment video, sporting action scenes starring real soldiers using real live ammunition. And you need not read promo copy to know that Need for Speed’s stunts are largely real and not computer-generated. The cars have weight and presence; when they zoom down a road, or fly off a hill, you can tell you’re not looking at pixels but at real metal, rubber, asphalt, and dirt.
极 品飞车在某些很酷的细节上反映了现实:例如西纳斯公司据说还未公布的功能,其汽车能够探测出清晰的车道和警察,还有非法街头赛车的高科技本质等等。导演斯 科特·沃,通过特效将那种真实性反映的栩栩如生。他的前作,2012年的《勇者行动》,简直是经过美化但很有效的海豹突击队招聘视频。动作场面由军人实弹 演出。所以说你根本不需要看需促销拷贝就知道《极品飞车》的特技很大程度都是真的,并非计算机生成的。汽车高速冲下公路,或漂上一座小山,因为车子都有重 量和质感,你可以判断自己没有在看一些像素,而是看到了真正的金属、橡胶、沥青和泥土。

However, that attention to realism backfires when it comes to the inane plot and idiotic dialogue. Example: When we first meet Julia, she faux-naively asks our heroes if a 900 horsepower car is fast. When, just two lines later, she predictably unleashes her impressive automotive knowledge, the men are thunderstruck. It’s supposed to be a gotcha moment for our heroes, a gentle poke at their sense of macho entitlement. “Why? Is it because I’m a woman?” she asks them, pointedly. But you want to scream, “No, it’s because you just asked if 900 horsepower was ‘fast,’ lady!” Little amateur mistakes like these add up.
不 过,影片空洞的情节和白痴的对话把种种真实性都化为了泡影。例如:当我们第一次看到朱莉娅的时候,她卖萌的问我们的英雄们,900马力的车快不快。然后, 就两句话之后,她令人咋舌的汽车知识毫无悬念的爆发了,男人们瞬间有一种五雷轰顶的感受。至少也该给英雄们有个“我明白了”的缓冲吧,就算捅破大男子主义 的面子也该温柔点吧。 “为什么?是不是因为我是个女人?”她针锋相对的他们。可是你只想尖叫着回答:“不,因为你刚才才问900马力是不是够快啊亲!”像这样的业余小失误多的 很。

It might have all held together with a charismatic lead, but Paul, a talented actor who played well off Bryan Cranston’s alpha-male presence in Breaking Bad, can’t seem to make Tobey the least bit interesting. He’s not a likable character to begin with — his hubristic fixation on racing is never questioned, only indulged and applauded — but he doesn’t have the outlaw whiff of an antihero either. He’s a bland, blond, blue-eyed ball of nothing here, and that makes it hard to care what happens to him, or to anybody else.
本来要是有个魅力十足的主力,这些可能还能凑在一起,但保罗,这位油菜花的演员虽然跟《绝命毒师》老大布莱恩·克兰斯顿合作无间,但似乎无法给托比这个角色增添一丝趣味。他一开始就不是讨人喜欢的性格 - 他对赛车的傲慢定位从未受到质疑,只有一昧的沉迷和喝彩 - 但他也缺乏一个反英雄的那种法外之徒的气质。他是一个怪无趣的金发青年(美男),眼神空空荡荡,这些就让人们很难去关心他究竟经历过什么,或跟其他任何人有什么交集。

But racing movies are supposed to be stupid, right? They’re supposed to not make any sense and make you chuckle at their silliness. True, and Need for Speed has an idea of the kind of stupid movie it wants to be. But stupidity and incompetence are two very different things, and this movie isn’t smart enough to be as stupid as it wants. Say what you will about the Fast & Furious films, but they fully embrace their cartoonish, CGI ethos: The cars feel like feathers and the stories like fairy tales; it’s a whole ecosystem of artificiality. Need for Speed, by contrast, gives us some of the most striking racing scenes ever committed to film, while making us yearn for the nuance and characterization of a video game. It whipsaws us between the impressively real and the hopelessly fake.
但 赛车电影不就是应该傻了吧唧的吗?他们应该毫无意义同时让你能吐槽他们的愚蠢。的确,《极品飞车》实现了这类愚蠢电影的想法。但是,愚蠢和无能是两样完全 不同的东西,这部电影不是因为不够聪明才显得蠢。你大概会说什么《速度与激情》,但那部电影系列完全接受自己的卡通化、CGI的气质:赛车感觉就像羽毛, 故事也像是童话,纯粹就是人工合成的生态系统。相比之下《极品飞车》给观众一些属于电影的震撼的赛车场面,同时使我们渴望看到属于视频游戏的细微差别和个 性特征。结果是观众既得不到印象深刻的真实,又得不到无可救药的虚幻。

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