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Inmarsat Senior Vice President Chris McLaughlin said that on Monday, March 10, it began extrapolating the location of the jetliner using the aircraft's changing angle and distance to the satellite, which orbits more than 22,000 miles above a point in the Indian Ocean. Mr. McLaughlin said the data was shared the following day with SITA, which in turn shared it with Malaysian officials.国际海事通讯卫星公司高级副总裁克里斯·麦克朗林在310日星期一称,该公司通过卫星收到的飞机飞行角度和距离的改变来探测飞机的具体位置,这一区域包括了以印度洋上的一点为圆心半径为22000英里的范围。麦克朗林称这一数据已经在次日告知SITA,并由SITA告知马来西亚当局。

At that point, the search was still focused primarily in waters east of the Malay Peninsula, and Malaysian officials hadn't confirmed reports that Flight 370 had altered its course toBeijingabout an hour after takeoff to fly west across the peninsula. Inmarsat's package showed not only that the plane had continued flying for hours, but that it had made an even more radical course change later, ending up along one of two possible corridors, one heading northwest toward Kazakhstan and the other curving far south over the Indian Ocean.


The Inmarsat package, which included a map of the twin north and south corridors, together with readouts of data from a communication satellite, demonstrated the need for a dramatic shift in search areas, according to people briefed on the investigation.


One person saidMalaysiachose not to disclose what it considered raw data, preferring to check it first with international partners.


Mr. Najib, the prime minister, had instructed his officials early on that all information coming in be corroborated with agencies such as the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration before releasing the information publicly, Malaysian officials say. They say that was intended to minimize red herrings in the search.马来西亚方面称,首相纳吉布早已指示其下属官员,在收到美国国家交通安全委员会和联邦航空管理局的信息时要经过证实后才能发布。他们说这只是为了在搜救过程中能够少生事端。

Complicating matters, Chinese satellite images released last Wednesday showed suspected floating debris from the plane. Though the images turned out to be dead ends, they distracted investigators and delayed announcement of Inmarsat's findings, according to one person close to the situation.


Inmarsat officials, meanwhile, became concerned the data weren't being acted upon quickly enough to help overhaul the search, according to a person familiar with the sequence of events. It turned last Wednesday toU.K.security authorities to more quickly disseminate the data, according to two industry officials. Malaysia Airlines, in turn, instructed SITA to use the U.K. Air Accidents Investigation Branch as the primary conduit for Inmarsat's data, one of these officials said.与此同时,根据一位熟悉整一事件的人士称,国际海事通信卫星公司的高级官员开始担心这些数据是否及时被用于修正整个搜救计划。有两名官员称,为了使数据能够尽快公布,该公司在上周三将数据通报给英国安全机构。而马来西亚航空公司却指示SITA将英国空难调查机构作为取得国际海事通信卫星公司数据的主要渠道。

Publicly, Malaysian officials gave little new information. Asked last Thursday what data from the aircraft investigators were relying on, Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said "no more systems from the plane" had provided information about the jet's whereabouts.That day,Malaysia's acting transport minister said that "whenever there are new details they must be corroborated."


Throughout this process, the basic theory and underlying data from Inmarsat didn't change significantly, according to three people briefed on the investigation. Rather, the days were spent verifying data and attempting to combine it with estimated fuel consumption to derive more-precise projections of how far the plane could have flown.


"The material was refined, but it wasn't demonstrably different" from what Inmarsat first proposed earlier that week, according to one of these people.


It wasn't clear howU.S.officials obtained the initial Inmarsat data, which they analyzed and helped translate into maps. Regardless, people briefed on the probe agree it took longer than expected for the information to spread from engineers and technical experts who cranked out the first version of the data to policy makers and then back down to officials directing specific elements of the searches.


—Marietta Cauchi and Charles Hutzler contributed to this article.

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