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Grading America’s colleges

That does not mean that we should give American higher education a passing grade. Not bringing down the entire financial system is not a high standard. And the high delinquency rate suggests a serious waste of public and private money.


The skills-bias of technology over the past 30 years has been a gift for colleges, making a college degree increasingly valuable. College graduates could have reaped  the benefits of increasing returns to college and the necessity of public subsidies could have decreased. Instead, colleges ramped up spending, largely unproductively, necessitating a flood of government subsidies and unnecessary student debt burdens.


The human toll and bad investments represented by the high delinquency rate may represent the actions of certain colleges with particularly poor graduation and default rates. Or colleges’ profligacy may be increasing the risk of default across all institutions and pushing students on the margins of benefitting financially from their education toward negative returns. Either way, high college spending is a drag on the economy. There are already signs that the extra dollars wasted on college prevents graduates from buying new cars and homes or making other investments.


For American colleges, a ‘D’ is still a passing grade. Despite recent disillusionment, Americans need to know that - on average - a college degree is still a very sound investment. But they also should know that - on average - colleges have performed abysmally at providing value to their students.


The fact that college is still a sound investment should not keep us from demanding better of the purveyors of lofty speeches about human progress. Nor blind us to the possibility of challenging the four year degree system.


Advocates of replacing college with massive online open online courses or experiential learning exemplified by tech incubators often forget the positive externalities of interacting on a campus, especially the support network for students that don’t thrive in self-motivated learning environments. Advocates of skill-based certification programs often forget that skills become outdated (ask a typist who expected to be set for life) and that a successful education cultivates the ability to thrive in any future environment.

老师们总是忘记教授一些正面的,积极的沟通事情,大量的在线教育,在线课程或者是实践范例将会取代大学教育。特别是一些支持技术工作的学生 ,这些学生并不能在现实环境中茁壮成长,技术上的教育,经常忘记一点,其实技术是很容易过时的,而大多数成功的教育能够开发人的潜能,能够保证学生在任何未来的环境中茁壮成长。(Advocate 到底该翻译成什么?纠结……”

But with college costs spiralling ever higher, it would be valuable to figure out where a certification program is more advisable than a degree and how to marry the best aspects of on-campus education with the efficiency of MOOCs or other models. Education is more valuable than ever, but that’s no excuse to ignore cost concerns.

但是随着大学学费持续上升,将来甚至可能更高。 值得指出的是项目证书比学位更直观有效,同时,怎样与各方面都具有优势的大学教育结合,开发更有效的网络课程或者是其他教学模式也值得注意。教育的价值更甚于以往,但是现在我们并没有任何借口去忽略上大学的成本。

College may seem at a glance to be too much of a four year party. But don’t simply blame the students. For an increasing number of them, it’s a party that masks their own trepidation or that they try to skip. Because after graduation, the party continues for the colleges themselves. Only the graduates endure the long hangover, and, between the graduates’ debt and taxpayer subsidies, we all foot the bill.

四年的时光,大学教育一目了然,但是我们并不能简单的把责任归咎于学生。日益增长的学生规模,在聚会上,他们试图悄悄溜走或者是掩盖他们的惊恐,因为在毕业之后,大学的聚会还在继续,只有那些毕业很长时间, 在学生债务和社会福利纳税人,将会承担所有。


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