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Marathon: The final countdown

The days before a marathon are crucial, finds Ben Thornton Harwood

The training for a marathon is as arduous as the big day itself. But after months of long, desolate weekend runs,the bitter end of the preparation requires particular thought. So before the marathon this weekend, here are some top tips from the professionals on how to maximise results in the run up to the big day. Or for the next time you run 26 miles to get the milk on a Saturday morning.

Choose the right fuels

Your body is going need a lot of fuel for the race so fill up early. “Aim to increase carbohydrate intake three or four days before the race by eating energy-dense foods such as pasta, rice, grains,” says James Trevorrow, national fitness manager at Virgin Active. “Protein and fat will help protect and maintain your muscles. And drink plenty of water; your body will lose fluid through sweat on the day.”
你的身体将会需要大量的能量,所以尽早补充。 “我们的目的是:在比赛前三、四天增加碳水化合物的摄取,通过吃高能量食物例如:通心粉、米饭、杂粮等。” 维珍行动的全民健身经理詹姆斯·特莱沃若说:“蛋白质和脂肪有助于保护和维持肌肉。然后需要喝大量的水;比赛日你的身体会通过汗液流失很多水分。”

Cut back on your running

It can feel counter-intuitive but logging fewer miles is key at this stage. “Your schedule should include seven to 14 days tapering,” says Steve Whittle, senior fitness manager at Virgin Active. “During this time you’ll have reduced your training mileage so you should feel more fresh and bouncy than before. You’ll be itching to put your trainers on and hit the road, but try to think of the bigger picture – the sense of achievement when you cross the line will be far greater than the satisfaction of one day’s unnecessary mileage.”
你可能觉得这与直觉相反,但是减少里程数是这个阶段的关键。“你的日程安排应该是包括7~14天的渐进式减量跑,” 维珍行动的高级健身经理史蒂夫·惠特尔说:“在这段时间,你将减少训练里程,你应该感觉比以前焕然一新,更有弹性。 你会渴望把运动鞋穿上,跑到路上去,但是你应该想想大局——当你在马拉松比赛上冲刺的成就感将远远大于完成一天训练量的满足感。”

So how frequently should we run at this point? “You shouldn’t need to run more than two or three times in the week before,” points out Trevorrow.

Get in tune

It’s vital to be in tune with your general wellbeing in the run-up to the race. “Listen to your body and what problems you have because it’s very sensitive two or three days before a race,” says Ethiopian long distance legend Haile Gebrselassie. There are things you can do to keep yourself feeling limber and healthy at this point though. “Focus on short, relaxed runs to encourage blood flow around your body and to keep your muscles in tune without being strained,” advises Whittle.
将你这一期间的总体身体水平与比赛相协调,这一点非常关键。“聆听你的身体和找出身体还有什么问题,因为身体在比赛前23天使非常敏感的。 ”埃塞俄比亚的长跑传奇海尔·格布雷塞拉西这么说。你可以做很多的事情来保持感觉柔软和健康。惠特尔建议“专注于短而轻松的跑步,这样可以增强身体的血液流动,而且无需拉伸就可保持肌肉的协调性。”

Work out your energy plan

Think the race is all about your legs? Think again. “Marathon running is not just a physical test but an exercise in restraint,” says Whittle. “You know you can go faster, but you’ll need to save your energy for the miles ahead. Enjoy the day and remember it with pride. Only one per cent of the population has completed a marathon – that’s an elite club.”
你想,马拉松比赛是不是只跟腿有关? 惠特尔说:“马拉松比赛并不仅是一种身体上的测试,而且是一场自我约束的练习。你自己明白可以跑的更快,但你为了后面的长距离,你需要保存能量。好好享受这一天吧,并且自豪的记住它。全人类中,只有1%的人跑完了马拉松——这是一个精英俱乐部。”

The full distance can seem daunting at this point but it’s all in your mind. “If you’ve run a marathon before be confident that you already know you can come out the other side,” says Roger Biggs, running coach and chairman of the 100 Marathon Club. “If you’ve never run one you must stay positive. Think, if a 70-year-old can do it so can I.”

Use the big day

The race is just hours away but there’s still work to be done. “Aim to eat your final pre-race meal at least three hours before the start so your stomach has the maximum time to digest the food and process the energy,” recommends Trevorrow. “If in need of a quick fix pre-race, have a low-sugar, high-carb energy drink – or, try rice pudding.”
就剩下几个小时要比赛了,但是还是有事情要做。“确保最后一顿赛前餐在跑步前三个小时吃完,让你的胃有充足的时间消化食物、积蓄能量” 特莱沃若建议:“如果赛前餐只能速战速决的话,就要喝一些低糖、高碳水化合物的能量饮料——或者,可以吃大米布丁。”

And finally you’re at the start line. Any final words of advice? “If it’s your first marathon get steady miles as opposed to being as fast as possible,” says Biggs. “Most people running aren’t athletes, so just enjoy it.”

The Virgin London Marathon takes place 13 April. Gebrselassie spoke to ShortList courtesy of Adidas

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