2014.04.14【英译汉】New film: "Noah"新片上映:《诺亚方舟:创世之旅》(part two)

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Noah lives with his family in poverty but peace. There is his wife, Naameh, a subservient Jennifer Connelly, and their three sons: handsome and well-behaved Shem (Douglas Booth), covetous Ham (Logan Lerman) and tiny Japheth (Leo McHugh Carroll). However, Russell Crowe's Noah is not a Santa-like animal-lover but a grim patriarch. Plagued by visions of a flood he becomes convinced that God has instructed him to take on the salvation of the animal kingdom and the destruction of mankind. Once the floodwaters open, he is also wracked with survivor's guilt.


From the outset, Noah is set in direct contrast to Tubal-Cain, a "baddie" played by Ray Winstone with a touch of Mad Max. It's here that Mr Aronofsky's premise is clearest. Is Tubal-Cain really a baddie? Or is he a humanist, someone who will do everything to ensure mankind survives, just as Noah's apocalyptic fervour is making him less and less sympathetic to the audience and to his own family? Tubal-Cain is in rebellion against God, at least in part because he believes God has abandoned humankind. “No one’s heard from the Creator since he marked Cain," he laments. "We are orphan children." This is not a film about goodies and baddies but, as Mr Aronofsky said almost a decade ago when he first began writing the script, a film about "dark, complicated characters". What a shame it could not just focus on that. The special effects are decent enough but Mr Aronofsky sets up a plot based on character analysis only to distract us from it repeatedly.
从一开始,诺亚就拿来和土八该隐直接比较,这一个由雷·温斯顿 扮演的反派角色,带有一点电影《疯狂的麦克斯》的味道。在这里阿隆诺夫斯基的假设最为明显。土八该隐真的是个坏蛋吗?或者说他就是个为了人类得以存续不择手段的人道主义者,这种疯狂就像诺亚对于天启的热情一般,让他在观众和她的家人面前的表现得越来越冷酷。土八该隐在叛乱中站在上帝的对立面,是因为至少就他而言他认为上帝已经抛弃了人类。他感叹道:“自从上帝注意到该隐以后,再也没有人聆听到上帝的旨意了。”“我们是上帝的弃儿。”尽管本片并不是在讨论好人和坏人的问题,但正如阿隆诺夫斯基在大约十年前第一次构思这一剧本一样,这是一部关于“黑暗,复杂的角色”的电影。如果它连这一点都保证不了那可真是可惜。尽管本片的特效也不尽人意,但是阿隆诺夫斯基设置的一系列基于角色分析的情节很快转移了我们的注意力。
"Noah" is a modern, intimate and claustrophobic Biblical interpretation. With more care and commitment—and with a smaller budget and less adherence to what one imagines were studio demands—it could have worked well, reacquainting an increasingly irreligious audience with an Old Testament story. But too many chefs have spoiled the broth here. What's left is a soggy glimpse of what could have been.


2014.4.14【英译汉】New film: "Noah"新片上映:《诺亚方舟:创世之旅》(part one)


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