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Previous stake in Nest

Mr Cousins was keen to stress that the deal involved Google Ventures - a unit that operates independently of the rest of the California-based company and whose stated goal is to fund the "best companies" rather than ones that are strategic to Google's other operations.
 Cousins先生想要强调 与Google Ventures(谷歌建立的风险投资基金)的生意,它独立于加州其他公司,并且他们的目标是投资最好的公司,而不是那些对谷歌有战略目的的公司。

However, GV's previous stake in Nest ultimately resulted in Google paying $3.2bn to add the smart thermostat-maker to its main business, and Mr Cousins did not rule out the possibility of his company following a similar path.
然而GV以前在Nest的股份最终让谷歌花了32亿美元到智能恒温调节器的制造上,作为他的主要生意,而且 Cousins说他们公司并不排除走上这种途径的可能。

"In the end, what we want to see is robots out in the world helping people," he said.

"So, whatever 'exit strategy' leads us to that goal is what we are all about."

Excited investors
Google's interest in robotics was preceded by that of Amazon.

The web retailer paid $775m in 2012 to buy Kiva Systems, a company specialising in robots used to move goods in warehouses. 
网页零售商2012年花了7.75亿美元收购了 Kiva Systems,这是一个专攻在货仓中搬运货物的机器人的公司。

Venture capitalists said the two big companies actions' were now fuelling interest from others.

"One of the big questions when you do a robotics deal had always been who is going to buy it if this thing doesn't go public," said tech investor Paul Kedrosky.
技术投资者Paul Kedrosky说“在公开发售之前,人们会不会买你的产品,这就是在做机器人技术生意的时候最大的问题之一”
"It was never obvious. Now that Amazon and Google have self-identified as acquirers, it makes doing robotics deals pretty exciting."

Mike Maples, co-founder of Floodgate Ventures, agreed the sector had become more attractive.
Floodgate Ventures的主要创始人Mike Maples也同意机器人这个领域更加吸引人了。

"In the last few years, it has become clear that the computer industry is no longer primarily about computers - whether it's post-PC devices, internet of things, self-driving cars, wearables or robots - an entirely new digital industry is emerging where computers fade into the background but digital is everywhere," he said.

"Google's move into robotics will make it even more attractive to start-up investors because it accelerates the creation of a new category of opportunities."
British engineering company Dyson recently announced that it was investing £5m in a robotics lab at Imperial College London.
One roboticist said he expected more deals would follow.
"It's pretty clear that with an ageing population there is a fantastic business opportunity for creating technology that is not only going to improve people's quality of life but also extend their working lives," said Prof Chris Melhuish, director of Bristol Robotics Laboratory.
布里斯托机器人技术研究室的指导教授Chris Melhuish说“很清楚的是,随着人口老龄化,日后将会有一个很好的商业机会,机器人不仅是提高人们的生活水平,并且能延伸人们的工作。”

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