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Most Americans have great vigor and enthusiasm. They prefer to discipline themselves rather than be disciplined by others. They pride themselves on their independence, their right to make up their own minds. They are prepared to take the initiative, even when there is a risk in doing so. They have courage and do not give in easily. They will take any sort of job anywhere rather than be unemployed. They do not care to be looked after by the government. The average American changes his or her job nine or ten times during his or her working life.


    Americans have a warmth and friendliness which is less superficial than many foreigners think. They are considered sentimental. When on ceremonial occasions they see a flag, or attend parades celebrating America's glorious past, tears may come to their eyes. Reunions with family and friends tend to be emotional, too. They like to dress correctly, even if "correctly" means flamboyantly. They love to boast, though often with tongue in cheek. They can laugh at themselves and their country, and they can be very self-critical, while remaining always intensely patriotic. They have a wide knowledge of everyday things, and keen interest in their particular city and state. Foreigners sometimes complain, however, that they have little interest or knowledge of outside world.


    The Americans have a passion for grandeur. Their skyscrapers, bridges and dams often have a splendor which matches in beauty and scale the country's natural wonders.


    Is the sole aim of most Americans to make money and possess luxuries which could be called excessive. The majority of Americans would certainly deny this, though most feel proud to amass wealth and possessions through hard work. In the US, about 90% of the population is well-off enough to expect a brighter future. The USA stil has one of the highest standard of living in the world, although, at the present time, 10% are below what the Government considered to be the "poverty line". While these underprivileged receive the help from the Government, they have no high hope for future. It is from this "underclass" and those who take advantate of it, that most of the violence springs - the violence which is the least pleasant aspects of American society.


    Americans are beginning to realize that this terrible problem of poverty is their problem and not just their government's. It has been said that an individual American is generous, but that American nation is hard.

    The US is reputed to be a classless society. Their is certainly not much social snobbery and job snobbery. The manual worker is usually quite at east in any company. This is partly explained by the fact that all income groups go together to the same schools. Americans are far more race concious than they are class concious.



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