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On January 18,in a let of Houjie Town,Dongguan city,migrant worker Yang Jiu from Yunan killed his paralyzed mother and then suicided with a razor blade.Luckily both of them were rescued.For a long time,Yang wanted to take care of his mother.But incapacity of giving his mother a good life which became to a barrier for him forced him to go astray with the conflict and pressure.


Yang Jiu was not literate and talkative.During the three years living in Dongguan where a lot of migrants bursted into,Yang took after his paralyzed mother while doing odd-jobs.No one had ever focused on their life.Until to January of this year,as lacking of money for two months,Yang Jiu germinated an idea of death to be liberated from then.


On April 3,after investigating the case and considering the situation of Yang's discontinuation of crime and having part-time jobs to take care of his mother,prosecutors of people's procuratorate of second district in Dongguan made the decision --not being charged to him.


In a local police station,holding Yang's left hand with scars,psychologist Xu Muqiao enlightened Yang on being reborn and forgeting past pain in heart.After cutting his mother with a kitchen knife,Yang cut his own wrist and abdomen.


Reborn Yang Jiu arrived at hospital to see his mother after the local police station first time.In the hospital,he kissed his mother's forehead while tears dropping.


Yang's mother grabbed his thumb tightly while he massaged her.Two months before the accident,Yang and his mother were difficult to sustain any longer.There was only a bread as one day's food and Yang Jiu gave it to his mother.


In Hua De Li,Hou Jie village,Hou Jie town,Yang Jiu fetched luggage.A light covered his face from the roof.After examining the site he said:"I want to have nothing."


The morning of April 15,Yang Jiu took his mother to home in Yunnan from Dongguan.Procurator who was responsible for this case also came to see him off.Last night Yang was so excited to sleep.


On the way to Guangzhou Railway Station,Yang Jiu hugged his mother tightly and repeated in her ear:"A Ma,We are going home."


On the train,Yang Jiu showed a rare smile to the camera.


The morning of April 17,after three years outside,mother and son came back home.Yang was connecting wires.Before then,neighbors helped to pick up their two dirt rooms.


Yang Jiu's home was at Ying Jiang county,prefecture of De Hong,Yunnan province.Local treatment condition was laggard so it was hard for his mother to get corresponding treatment care.However,as near from Burma,it was easy to contact with poison.After repeating drug use,Yang was also for drug treatment and then started to search works.Now,he came back with the great psychological pressure.


The evening of April 17,villagers from Nong Guan stockade gathered to visit Yang's mother.But after saying hello and some attempts,Yang's mother could not recognized them.


After visiting Yang's mother,villagers rebuked him for blowing money and bad temper.Olders advised him to be a good man and take care of his mother.Yang nodded repeatedly and said:"I will."


After the house and Yang's mother getting settled,he lay on bed and got a complicated mood because of unawareness of re-settle.During this period his addiction of somke got more and more.


Yang Jiu came to a farmers market to buy daily supplies and a few fish and meat for entertaining people who had ever help him.


The evening of April 18,Yang Jiu cleaned himself totally in urging of all without taking a bath for a half of a month.The scar like a word"people" can be seen after lifting hie clothes which was generated by him.


Yang Jiu squatted at the edge of field while watching faraway fields of sugarcane.He said:"I want to farm."He must carry out supporting himself and his mother.Now there were 7 or 8 acres of land to plant sugarcane and trees.


Yang Jiu carried his mother who basks in the sun back home.Although mother was thin,Yang slipped several times on the road 20m to the end .Also on this road three years ago,Yang Jiu carried his mother to Dongguan 2000km far from home.He said:"There are two Yang Jiu.One is good and the other is bad."Good Yang meant "work hard and take care of mother".But bad Yang Jiu was not preferred to remember.

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