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Forum trends: 10 reasons to try Chinese street food

Editor's note: The street vendors can be found nearly everywhere in China, with all sorts of snacks, treats and meals for anyone adventurous enough to try. If you are new to China, don't miss out on an authentic street food tour. Ariunbold, our blogger from US, lists his top 10 reasons to try and experience culinary adventures in China. You're welcome to share your reasons if you are a street food lover.


1. Authentic 正宗

Every bite, crumb and bits of pieces you taste will be unlike anything you have ever tried back home. Street food in China is so authentic that it makes Chinese food elsewhere taste like poorly made copies.


2. Inexpensive 便宜
For 6 RMB, which is about one dollar, you can find decent food from street vendors everywhere in Shenyang. From my school cafeteria in Shenyang, 7 RMB will feed you a great meal. Street food is cheap and fast cooked from the back of a trishaw.


3. Super tasty 超级好吃
I am sure there is no argument about the fantastic taste of freshly made Chinese food. Try to stay with mainstream Chinese food if you are new in China. I wouldn't go for turtle soup or pigeon meat to start with, but I am sure you will love the mainstream Chinese food that is sold on every street corner in China.


4. Fresh新鲜
Most of the small vendors use fresh ingredients. Chinese people, who are their main customers, know what "fresh" tastes like. Using an old ingredient is like losing customers, so they always use fresh products all the time, on the spot.

5. Organic 有机的
Vendors and mid-size cafeterias buy their food from a local organic market. If you've ever been to the morning markets in China, you will know its all about local farmers. No genetically engineered food will be found in a street vendor's buggy.

6. Savory风味
Source is in the sauce. Chinese people developed their sauce at home, in kitchen, not from chemical factories in the middle of nowhere. The savory flavors from each component on your plate have been developed, protected, and inherited through years of culinary passion.


7. Culinary heritage 烹饪传统

Chinese food has a regional taste. Sichuan people like extra spicy, Beijing people like not-so-spicy yet not so sweet, Shanghai people prefer a sweet taste and Dong-Bei people love spicy, sweet and potent. Their unique taste preference has lot to do with the climate and heritage. The culinary heritage of Chinese food extends back many centuries.

8. Artistic 精致
The more rare and expensive the food is, the more artistic it gets. Cooks are very creative with their display, even in the streets. Competing for uniqueness in their design, some street vendors use great artistic touches on their production.


9. Aromatic 芳香
Freshly cut vegetables sizzling on the grill, with a touch of ground garlic make tiny crackling sounds. When it hits the open-air, the aroma becomes so distinctly enticing, anyone would have to come and see what's in the fire. In the busy streets of China, smell speaks louder than word.

10. Low calories 低卡路里

Most of what's in the ensemble is vegetables, and low calorie. Since red meat is expensive in China, most of the cooks use vegetables, chicken and tofu. These ingredients are low in fat, and calories and are easy to digest. The best thing about Chinese food is that it does not drain your energy level after lunch.


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