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"'That will do, Mr. Melas,' said he.  'You perceive that we have taken you into our confidence over some very private business.  We should not have troubled you, only that our friend who speaks Greek and who began these negotiations has been forced to return to the East.  It was quite necessary for us to find some one to take his place, and we were fortunate in hearing of your powers.'

     "I bowed.


     "'There are five sovereigns here,' said he, walking up to me, 'which will, I hope, be a sufficient fee.  But remember,' he added, tapping me lightly on the chest and giggling, 'if you speak to a human soul about this--one human soul, mind--well, may God have mercy upon your soul!'
     "I cannot tell you the loathing and horror with which this insignificant-looking man inspired me.  I could see him better now as the lamp-light shone upon him.  His features were peaky and sallow, and his little pointed beard was thready and ill-nourished.  He pushed his face forward as he spoke and his lips and eyelids were continually twitching like a man with St. Vitus's dance.  I could not help thinking that his strange, catchy little laugh was also a symptom of some nervous malady.  The terror of his face lay in his eyes, however, steel gray, and glistening coldly with a malignant, inexorable cruelty in their depths.
     "'We shall know if you speak of this,' said he.  'We have our own means of information.  Now you will find the carriage waiting, and my friend will see you on your way.'


     "I was hurried through the hall and into the vehicle, again obtaining that momentary glimpse of trees and a garden.  Mr. Latimer followed closely at my heels, and took his place opposite to me without a word.  In silence we again drove for an interminable distance with the windows raised, until at last, just after midnight, the carriage pulled up.
     "'You will get down here, Mr. Melas,' said my companion.  'I am sorry to leave you so far from your house, but there is no alternative.  Any attempt upon your part to follow the carriage can only end in injury to yourself.'
     "He opened the door as he spoke, and I had hardly time to spring out when the coachman lashed the horse and the carriage rattled away.  I looked around me in astonishment.  I was on some sort of a heathy common mottled over with dark clumps of furze-bushes.  Far away stretched a line of houses, with a light here and there in the upper windows.  On the other side I saw the red signal-lamps of a railway.
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