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10 Things a Graduate Needs to Show on Their CV



Graduation is just around the corner, which means so is the next stage of your career. Instead of finding out the hard way that your CV isn’t up to scratch, prepare it now and make it a real showstopper. What are the most important things a graduate should demonstrate on their CV?

1)      Ambition: shaking the lazy student stereotype isn’t difficult to do. Mention all the extra things you’ve done to complement your degree. Make sure your academic achievements are presented as a means to an end – i.e. how will they help you get this job?

2)      Research: You’ve just done a few years of university. If there’s one thing you’re used to doing, it’s researching. Make it clear that you’ve found out what skills are most valued for this vacancy and present them right there in your achievements.

3)      Experience: isn’t likely to be vast at this stage in your life. Employers hiring graduates know this, so they look for people who’ve managed to slot in work experience and extra bits in where they can.
4)      Literacy Skills: spelling mistakes are a huge don’t, as is poor phrasing, overly long sentences and waffle. CVs need to communicate information as clearly as possible, they don’t need to involve much prose at all. Keep lists of duties and achievements to bulleted lists, and proofread several times.

5)      Potential: Employers go for graduates with transferable skills that can be slotted and adapted in their vacancy. Show that you’ve got the foundations of vital workplace skills, such as presenting, that you can build upon once employed.

6)      Effort: You can’t hand out a CV that looks as if you spent five minutes on it. There’s nothing wrong with using a CV template, providing you take the time to fill it out completely so that it isn’t obvious you didn’t build it. Presentation is important so make sure it looks smart and professional.
7)      IT Skills: a great benefit for employers hiring young people or graduates is because they expect them to be able to get on board with their latest technology pretty quickly. Use this to your advantage and make sure you mention what software you can use.
8)      Responsibility: shaking the drinking every night stereotype is also a challenge for some students. Show what else you do in your spare time on your CV to show you are well-rounded, e.g. playing in a sports team or volunteering for an organisation. This shows you can balance your social life and have varied interests.
9)      Individuality: there’s no need to try to be a clone or present yourself in the same way as others. Unique or interesting people are more memorable to the employer. Providing they are professional, include any cool hobbies or interests you have.
10)   Dedication: passionate people are often the first people picked for a lot of opportunities, and there are very valid reasons for this. Employers hire people that really want to work for them. If you really want this job, show it with a solid CV.



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