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"The windows are all dark," remarked the inspector.  "The house seems deserted."
     "Our birds are flown and the nest empty," said Holmes.
     "Why do you say so?"
     "A carriage heavily loaded with luggage has passed out during the last hour."
     The inspector laughed.  "I saw the wheel-tracks in the light of the gate-lamp, but where does the luggage come in?"
     "You may have observed the same wheel-tracks going the other way.  But the outward-bound ones were very much deeper--so much so that we can say for a certainty that there was a very considerable weight on the carriage."
     "You get a trifle beyond me there," said the inspector, shrugging his shoulder.  "It will not be an easy door to force, but we will try if we cannot make some one hear us."


  He hammered loudly at the knocker and pulled at the bell, but without any success.  Holmes had slipped away, but he came back in a few minutes. "I have a window open," said he.
     "It is a mercy that you are on the side of the force, and not against
     it, Mr. Holmes," remarked the inspector, as he noted the clever way
     in which my friend had forced back the catch.  "Well, I think that
     under the circumstances we may enter without an invitation."

     One after the other we made our way into a large apartment, which was evidently that in which Mr. Melas had found himself.  The inspector had lit his lantern, and by its light we could see the two doors, the curtain, the lamp, and the suit of Japanese mail as he had described them.  On the table lay two glasses, and empty brandy-bottle, and the remains of a meal.
     "What is that?" asked Holmes, suddenly.
     We all stood still and listened.  A low moaning sound was coming from somewhere over our heads.  Holmes rushed to the door and out into the hall.  The dismal noise came from upstairs.  He dashed up, the inspector and I at his heels, while his brother Mycroft followed as quickly as his great bulk would permit.

Three doors faced up upon the second floor, and it was from the central of these that the sinister sounds were issuing, sinking sometimes into a dull mumble and rising again into a shrill whine.  It was locked, but the key had been left on the outside.  Holmes flung open the door and rushed in, but he was out again in an instant, with his hand to his throat.

"It's charcoal," he cried.  "Give it time.  It will clear." Peering in, we could see that the only light in the room came from a dull blue flame which flickered from a small brass tripod in the centre.  It threw a livid, unnatural circle upon the floor, while in the shadows beyond we saw the vague loom of two figures which crouched against the wall.  From the open door there reeked a horrible poisonous exhalation which set us gasping and coughing. 


 Holmes rushed to the top of the stairs to draw in the fresh air, and then, dashing into the room, he threw up the window and hurled the brazen tripod out into the garden.


 "We can enter in a minute," he gasped, darting out again.  "Where is a candle?  I doubt if we could strike a match in that atmosphere.  Hold the light at the door and we shall get them out, Mycroft, now!"




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