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“Where is she?” Serena asked eagerly, her perfect, pale skin glowing pink with the prospect of 
seeing her old friend again. She stood on tip-toe and craned her head to look for Blair, but she 
soon found herself surrounded by parents–the Archibalds, the Coateses, the Basses, and Mr. 
Farkas–who each took turns kissing her and welcoming her back. 

Serena hugged them happily. These people were home to her, and she'd been gone a long time. 
She could hardly wait for life to return to the way it used to be. She and Blair would walk to 
school together, spend Double Photography in Sheep Meadow in Central Park, lying on their 
backs, taking pictures of pigeons and clouds, smoking and drinking Coke and feeling like 
hard-core artistes. They would have cocktails at the Star Lounge in the Tribeca Star Hotel again, 
which always turned into sleepover parties because they would get too drunk to get home, so 
they'd spend the night in the suite Chuck Bass's family kept there. They would sit on Blair's 
four-poster bed and watch Audrey Hepburn movies, wearing vintage lingerie and drinking gin and 
lime juice. They would cheat on their Latin tests like they always did–amo, amas, amat was still 

tattooed on the inside of Serena's elbow in permanent marker (thank God for three-quarter length 
sleeves!). They'd drive around Serena's parents' estate in Ridgefield, Connecticut, in the caretaker's 
old Buick station wagon, singing the stupid hymns they sang in school and acting like crazy old 
ladies. They'd pee in the downstairs entrances to their classmates' brownstones and then ring the 
doorbells and run away. They'd take Blair's little brother, Tyler, to the Lower East Side and leave 
him there to see how long it took for him to find his way home–a work of charity, really, since 
Tyler was now the most street-wise boy at St. George's. They'd go out dancing with a huge group 
and lose ten pounds just from sweating in their leather pants. As if they needed to lose the weight. 

They would go back to being their regular old fabulous selves, just like always. Serena couldn't 

“Got you a drink,” Chuck Bass said, elbowing the clusters of parents out of the way and handing 
Serena a tumbler of whiskey. “Welcome back,” he added, ducking down to kiss Serena's cheek 
and missing it intentionally, so that his lips landed on her mouth. 

“You haven't changed,” Serena said, accepting the drink. She took a long sip. “So, did you miss 

“Miss you? The question is, did you miss me?” Chuck said. “Come on, babe, spill. What are you 
doing back here? What happened? Do you have a boyfriend?” 

“Oh, come on, Chuck,” Serena said, squeezing his hand. “You know I came back because I want 
you so badly. I've always wanted you.” 

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