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12 Standout Sandals to Put Your Best Foot Forward This Summer

The warmer months ahead mean less layers, longer days and lots of open-toed sandals. Whether you're heading to a picnic or dinner al fresco, breezy sandals will complement any outfit. And if you're looking to put your own creative spin on a pair of statement making kicks, read on! With these do-it-yourself summer sandal ideas, you can make jazzed up sandals part of your signature look.


Eye-catching embellishments and a little creativity are all that you need to craft one-of-a-kind summer sandals.

12. Jeweled Leather Sandals
Give your basic leather sandals the high fashion treatment by adding a line of jewels to the cross strap. Drawing from sandal trends made popular by the Italian design house Marni, Grace Atwood of Sequins & Stripes puts the perfect DIY twist on this pair.

给你的基本款皮凉鞋加上新潮的装饰吧。在横带上加一行水钻就行。受到意大利设计公司玛尼引领的时尚潮流的影响, Sequins & Stripes的Grace Atwood  让这双鞋完成了完美的变身。

Jewels add glamour to a basic pair of leather sandals.

11. Chain Embellished Sandals
Looking to amp up the cool factor with a pair of black sandals? A gold link chain adds a bit of edge to black sandals as seen here from A Pair & A Spare.
想给一双黑凉鞋加点酷炫元素?一条金链子可让你的鞋子线条更硬朗,就像这双A Pair & A Spare里的鞋子一样。

Gold curb chain pops on a pair of black sandals.

10. Tassel Sandals
From brunch with the girls to a night on the town, summer days call for dressed up sandals. The girls at Honestly WTF glammed up these black high heel sandals with boho-style silk cord, tassels and coins.
从和闺蜜共进早午餐到城中的夜间聚会,你的夏日不可缺少精心装饰/装饰大气/粉饰精致的凉鞋。Honestly WTF 的女孩们用波西米亚式的丝罗缎,流苏和硬币将这双黑色高跟凉鞋粉饰一新。

Black high heel sandals get the gypsy treatment with swingy tassels and coins.

9. Sporty Sandals
One of the biggest and boldest surprises in fashion is the rise of the "ugly" sandal trend. Finally, comfort and style have collided! Instead of searching in the depths of your closet for that pair of Birkenstocks, take some sporty sandals and embellish them like this pair from Love Maegan.
时尚的最大胆最出格的惊喜莫过于“丑”成为凉鞋异军突起的流行趋势。最终,舒适和潮流擦出了火花!与其深度搜索鞋柜找双凉鞋,不如找双运动型凉鞋,把它们装饰成像 Love Maegan里一样的鞋子吧。

Nail the

8. Bow Sandals
This elegant look from SwellMayde proves that bows aren't just for little girls anymore! Beautify your tried-and-true T-strap sandals by gluing or sewing on a dainty bow.

It's all about the feminine details with delicate bows.

7. Pom-Pom Heels
A playful embellishment is the key to taking high heel sandals from day to night. These pom pom heels from I Spy DIY can be paired perfectly with a graphic pencil skirt or cropped trousers.
有趣的装饰是一双凉鞋从白天的规规矩矩到夜晚的奔放热情的关键所在。 I Spy DIY 里的这双啦啦球高跟鞋是几何铅笔裙或七分裤的完美配搭。

These pom pom heels are slightly retro and totally adorable.

6. Art Deco-Inspired Sandals
Adding a geometric pattern to classic white sandals is fresh and on trend. This pair from Morning By Foley infuses Art Deco style into everyday gladiator sandals. Black and gold paints lend a chic, Great Gatsby-era feel, but this design will look great in pretty much any color combination.
在经典的白凉鞋上加点几何图形既潮又清新。 Morning By Foley 的这双鞋在日常角斗士凉鞋中注入了装饰派艺术风。黑色和金色的线条增添了别致的“了不起的盖茨比时代风”,但这种设计能将任何颜色完美地结合到一起。/但任何颜色的组合都能是这种设计看起来非常出众。

Metallic sandals are a great staple for your summer wardrobe.

5. Studded Strap Sandals
Studs and footwear is a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to boots, flats and sandals. Why buy a pair of studded sandals when you can DIY your own, like these from Brit + Co.? Learn how to recreate this look (as well as three other embellished sandal looks).
铆钉和鞋子是天作之合,特别是在靴子、平底鞋和凉鞋上得到了完美体现。你自己都能做一双这样的鞋子,为什么还要去买呢?就像这双 Brit + Co.的鞋子。学学怎么做这种样子的鞋子吧(还有其他三种润色鞋子的方法)。

A mix of small and large gold studs make this pair of basic gladiator sandals stand out.

4. Tribal Wrap Sandals
With a little patience and colored string you can create a cool pair of tribal-inspired kicks. Jenni from I Spy DIY transformed this pair of inexpensive brown sandals into stylish footwear fit for one of summer's many music festivals.
仅需一点耐心和几条彩带就能做成一双极好的三带鞋。I Spy DIY的Jenni 将这双便宜的棕色凉鞋改造成了时髦的适合参加诸多夏日音乐节的鞋子。

Wrap string in your favorite color combinations around a pair of leather sandals to get this laid-back look.

3. Crystal Sandals
Add a bit of sparkle and shine to a pair of otherwise simple sandals. Many arts and crafts stores sell crystal beads in a single strand, which makes crafting quick and easy. These glitzy sandals, created by Stylin in St. Louis, are guaranteed to elevate any outfit.
为你简单款式的凉鞋加点小宝石和闪亮风采吧。许多艺术和工艺品商店都售卖让改造变得简单的单链水晶串珠。由 St. Louis 的Stylin做的闪耀的凉鞋,绝对衬得起任何着装。

These sandals incorporate a subtle dose of sparkle into any outfit.

2. Fabric-Wrapped Sandals
Ever wondered what to do with those left over fabric scraps? Grab some Mod Podge, and in a few hours you'll have a darling new pair of sandals like these from Paper & Stitch.
曾经想过利用那些面料下脚料?弄点 Mod Podge的料子,经过数小时的制作你就会拥有一双像 Paper & Stitch的这双一样美的新凉鞋了。

Give last year's sandals a new twist with a piece of vibrant fabric.

1. Beaded Strappy Sandals
No summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of statement sandals. Customize your own pair using seed beads and a clever glue and wire technique developed by Kirsten Nunez of Studs & Pearls. These are the sandals you'll want to wear all summer long.
没有谁的夏日衣柜会缺少一双清新的凉鞋。用小串珠、万能胶还有穿线技术定做一双属于自己的凉鞋吧,就像这双由 Studs & Pearls的Kirsten Nunez的鞋子一样。这是一双你一个夏天都想穿着的凉鞋。

Create patterns using seed beads to embellish a pair of strappy sandals.

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