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A moment later he was standing at the foot of a mountain trail in the shadow of a great structure. Before him, propped on a spike, lay a blanched corpse. Beneath that lay a font of blood, hewn into the rocks by primitive tools. He looked up, raising a hand to shield his wind-burned face. The trail before him contained perhaps a dozen such specimens, set at even intervals along the path. He felt the now familiar quickening of his pulse. The thrill overwhelming any sense of dread, he ascended.


Wandering through the halls of this ancient structure, the trail of drained bodies guiding his path, Vladimir's excitement grew. He came at last to a great hall. All about him hung the deceased, their lifeblood settling in pools below. At the front of the grisly scene stood a robed monk, white hair slicked back out of his face. His blood-red eyes shone menacingly on his pale, implacable face as he beckoned to the enraptured traveler.


Vladimir approached, unblinking; entranced by the spectacle, eyes locked on the man before him. The monk stared back curiously. "Have you no fear, boy?" he asked, interested. Vladimir shook his head wordlessly, never breaking his gaze.


"I see what you are," the monk continued, "You are a harbinger, my child. A Crimson Reaper, come to collect." He smiled grimly, a peal of laughter following. "What is your name, young one?"


"I am called Vladimir," stammered the bewildered youth.


"You are now my charge, Vladimir," replied the aging figure, smiling. "Do not disappoint me."


Vladimir stared deeply into his mentor's eyes. The sight made his veins run ice. He had killed this man. He had taken his blood. And Dmitri had asked him to do it; had threatened him with death if he refused. The room around him went dark once more, leaving him alone again with the phantom of his master. The monk folded his arms across his chest. "Why do you want to join the League, Vladimir?" asked Dmitri expectantly.


"I wish to bring honor to my noble house and to hone my craft," Vladimir answered immediately.


The apparition before cracked a bemused smile. "Why do you want to join the League, Vladimir?" it repeated.


"To fight for the glory of Noxus, my homeland," Vladimir replied, hesitant.


Dimitri's amusement vanished. He looked displeased. "Why do you want to join the League, Vladimir?" he echoed.


Vladimir's face darkened. He answered, slowly this time, "I must kill."


The old monk nodded. "How does it feel, exposing your mind?" he asked.


Vladimir bared his teeth. "Liberating, really," came his retort. As if in response, the door behind flew open, bathing him in light. He was alone.



2014.06.27【英译中】英雄联盟背景#13 猩红收割者·弗拉迪米尔

2014.06.27【英译中】英雄联盟背景#13 猩红收割者·弗拉迪米尔(2

2014.06.28【英译中】英雄联盟背景#13 猩红收割者·弗拉迪米尔(3

2014.06.28【英译中】英雄联盟背景#13 猩红收割者·弗拉迪米尔(4

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