2014.06.29【英译中】Irish Rose (16)

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Chapter 1


The van door slammed and jolted her back to reality. Again she found herself looking at Burke Logan. Theyre all settled, then?She asked, struggling to be polite.


Looks like.He learned back against the van.


With his ankles crossed, he pulled out a lighter and lit his cigar. He never smoked around Adelia out of respect for her condition.


His eyes never left Erins. Not much family resemblance between you and Mrs. Grant, is there?


It was the first time hed spoken more than two words at a time.


Erin noted that his accent wasnt like Travis.


His words came more slowly, as if he saw no reason to hurry them.


Theres the hair, he continued when Erin didnt speak.

But hers is more like Traviss prize chestnut colt, and yours ——““he took another puff as he deliberated “ —— yours is something like the mahogany stand in my bedroom. He grinned, the cigar still clamped between his teeth. I thought it was mighty pretty when I bought it.


Thats a lovely thought, Mr. Logan, but Im not a horse or a table. Reaching into her pocket, she held out the keys. Ill be leaving these with you, then.



Instead of taking them, he simply closed his hand over hers, cradling the keys between them. His palm was hard and rough as the rocks in the cliffs that dropped toward the sea. He enjoyed the way she held her ground, the way she lifted her brow, more in disdain than offense.


Is there something else youre wanting, Mr. Logan?


Ill give you a lift, he said simply.


Its not necessary. She clenched her teeth and nodded as two of the towns busiest gossips passed behind her.


The evening news would have Erin McKinnon holding hands with a stranger in the street, sure as faith. Ive only to ask for a ride home to get one.


Youve got one already. With his hand still on hers, he pushed away from the van.


I told Travis Id see to it. After releasing her hand, he gestured toward the door. Dont worry. Ive nearly got the hang on driving on the wrong side of the road.


Its you who drive on the wrong side. After only a brief hesitation, Erin climbed in. The day was passing her by, and shed have to make every minute count just to catch up.


Burke settled behind the wheel and turned the key in the ignition. Youre losing your pins, he said mildly.



Erin reached behind her and shoved them into place as he drove out of the village.


Youll take the left fork when you come to it. After that its only four or five kilometers. Erin folded her hands, deciding shed granted him enough conversation.




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