2014.7.8【中译英】阮经天 良好的状态就是对自己负责

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Ethan Ruan: Keeping the Good State of Mind is kind of Being Responsible to yourself


As soon as we both sat down and about to begin our conversation, Ethan showed his signature smile and his Crayon shi chan-like shaggy eyebrows are smiling as well


Among thousands of superstars who rise to fame rapidly, Ethan is exempt from being boastful and superficial, which is no doubt that he has become the blue-eyed boy of many famous brands.


Come a long way from the poor artist with little work in the pass to the big apple in everyone’s eyes as the Loral spokesman, Ethan was happy to share his feelings and experience with us in a vivid way during the 10-minute interview.

对话阮经天 Get close to Ethan Ruan


Editor view: Ethan do have a glib tongue so he is crown as the “Nice guy” in the entertainment circles who can make the people around happy and light up the atmosphere.


But he emphasizes that every good word he says is based on reality. If he doesn’t think so, he will absolutely not say that.


It is common that a majority of artists or actress charm the camera with each movement that their eyes are bright and piercing while pale and soulless and come to decadency when the camera’s down.


However, Ethan is still gorgeous and full of energy even after the intensive release conference, on which he was praised by easy cooperating with other(修改建议 he was also appreciated of his cooperation by the journalists under the table, and answering gushing to the questions in details. Even though his assistance interrupts him, he will directly say: “Let me finish this question then.”

当兵让我变得更轻松 Serving in the Army Makes Me Relax.

  Q: 一年没有接触这个圈子。刚回来的时候会不会有些不适应?在这一年里发现自己最大的改变在哪儿?

Away from this circle for a year, I was wondering are you accustomed to it the moment when you back. What’s the biggest change of you during this year?


This year, I’ve experienced a different kind of life and do some unusual things. I do feel a bit unaccustomed and strange when I just came back. But now, sitting in front of you like this with my formal suit, I feel protective and assured as if wearing armor.


In the society, with this magical armor, you can’t feel how many people like you and how many people disgust you.


But when you put on the military uniform, your fame and mask unloaded. Then you will meet with a variety of faces at the same time and in a direct way with frankness.


My shoulders feel released after this year. It is because you can’t control people’s feeling about you, like or hate, that what you ought to do is being the real you and do what you should do.”


During the military army training, how did you take care of your skin? Or, how could you catch up with the trends of skin care?


Indeed, at that period of time, it’s difficult for me to focus on the trends. I just get the things done and concentrated on what the senior officers asked me to do.



There’s a popular saying: look slim with clothes and having muscles without it. Absolutely you are. Do you have any tips of how to keep the stature fit?


 Maintaining the stature, well, I got 80% of this stature from my parents; the rest is all about your life attitude.


Since I am an actor working in this circle, keeping a good stature is the most fundamental professionalism.


My starting point of skin caring and doing sports is rather to maintain the best of me than to keep the best look, so that I won’t become a burden of others on work.


Naturally, I think no matter which industry you work for, what position you are in , it is necessary to take good care of your body and skin.


When you go the gymnasium, which sport do you prefer?


Actually, I seldom go to the gymnasium. As you all know, I liked surfing and was a swimming athlete before. So now, I prefer the kind of sport of running and jumping.


What the biggest change to me after the one-year soldier experience is that I’m more enjoying staying alone at home than ever before.


I kept a dog recently. With this little guy, I found more fun running with it because I was running alone, tedious.


Then I have a crash on the auto race. Frankly, I have tried this kind of race before I join the army. This year, fortunately, I’ve won two races and I will keep joining it. Such training can automatically strengthen your cardio-pulmonary function.

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