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Germany beat Argentina to win World Cup final with late Mario Götze goal


When the goal finally arrived, 112 minutes into a long, wearing night, there were members of Germany’s entourage who seemed intent on re-enacting the infamous end to the Ryder Cup at Brookline in 1999. Their victory run, en masse, took them all the way from the dugout to the opposite side of the pitch where André Schürrle had set up Mario Götze for the decisive moment.
当这112分钟变成了漫长磨人的夜晚,当球终于进了的时候,德国队的全体队员似乎想要重现那场1999年在布鲁克莱恩莱德杯的臭名昭著的完结场面。经过112分钟漫长而磨人的夜晚,当球终于进了的时候,德国队的随行人员之中,似乎有人想重现1999年在布鲁克莱恩莱德杯的那臭名昭彰的完结场面。by 六尾、子夜所有人一同进行胜利奔跑,从教练席一直到球场的另一边,在那里,安德列•舒贺尔尼辅助马里奥•格策完成了决定赛势的瞬间。

Götze had taken down Schürrle’s cross on his chest with his first touch. His second was to arrow a left-foot volley into the net and that ensured Germany will always remember Rio de Janeiro with the same fondness as Bern in 1954, Munich in 1974 and Rome in 1990.
第一次触球,格策【用胸口停球接住了舒贺尔尼的横传,第二次则迅速左脚凌空抽射入网。这决定了德国队【德国 by 六尾将会永远记住里约热内卢,而这份喜悦与其在1954年的伯尔尼、1974年的慕尼黑以及1990年的罗马相当。

They are worthy champions, even if they could not play with the distinction that made their semi-final such a harrowing ordeal for Brazil, and it was a wonderful goal that ensured their name was engraved into the trophy for a fourth time. It is the culmination of a story that should be an inspiration to others, bringing together intelligent forward thinking and all those other established German qualities, and Götze is an apt match-winner as one of the new generation of players to come off the conveyor belt.
虽然不能笑谈那场对巴西队而言惨痛不堪的半决赛就算不能将那场对巴西队而言惨痛不堪的半决赛视为他们的冠军相 by 六尾】,但德国队的夺冠名副其实,那的确是一个精彩的进球,它确保了德国队的名字第四次刻在了奖杯上。这就是故事的高潮所在,这是对人的一种激励,将德国人固有的如智慧超前的思维等所有的品质联系在了一起这个故事的高潮所在应该能鼓舞他人,它把智慧超前的思维以及其他固有的德国人品质汇聚在了一起。by 子夜另外,格策作为逐个脱颖而出的新生代球员之一,非常适合担当赢得比赛的角色。

This team has been some time in the making but it still retains the old qualities that have formed the bedrock of the great German sides. Bastian Schweinsteiger epitomized everything in the centre of midfield. In extra time Schweinsteiger’s face was split open by Sergio Agüero’s stray arm. He was stitched up beside the pitch, his legs flicking with pain as the needle went in, yet he was quickly back to his feet, demanding the ball and organising his team-mates.

Joachim Löw’s players had to overcome the loss of Sami Khedira to a calf injury in the warm-up and his replacement, Christoph Kramer, being removed from the game after a clattering from Ezequiel Garay in the first half. At times they struggled for their usual momentum and Argentina’s anguish will not be made any easier by the knowledge that Gonzalo Higuaín and Lionel Messi both passed up opportunities to put in place what the people of Brazil have been calling the pesadolo – the nightmare – before extra time.

There was certainly plenty in the first hour to encourage the loud, boisterous Argentinian fans who had travelled across the border, turning the Sambadromo and Avenida Atlantica into temporary festival sites and going through those provocative songs about Maradona being better than Pelé. Yet there was also the sense that Alejandro Sabella’s players were beginning to tire as the game went into extra time. Their defending for the goal was the final confirmation.
那些阿根廷队热情高涨的球迷,穿过国界、将桑巴舞场和大西洋大道变成了暂时的节日现场,唱着挑衅的歌说马拉多纳好过比利。在比赛开场一小时内的确有许多让他们振奋的场景,然而随着比赛进入加时阶段,的确也有预感到萨贝拉的球员们开始变得疲惫。阿根廷队对最后一球的防守便是最终证据。阿根廷队对球的防守便是最后的证据。by 子夜

Argentina had played with width and penetration earlier in the match and, even in defeat, they showed why Lothar Matthäus and Franz Beckenbauer were mistaken beforehand to talk about the victory effectively being a foregone conclusion. Beckenbauer had been emboldened enough to say it “can be only Germany” when the truth was that Sabella’s side, and the little fella in the No10 shirt, were far too talented to be underestimated in that way.

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