2014.07.15【英译中】Germany beat Argentina to win World Cup final(下)

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Unfortunately for Messi he will always remember this occasion for that chance two minutes into the second half when Higuaín’s pass dissected the German defence and the four-time Ballon d’Or winner had the ball at his feet and nobody but Neuer between him and the goal. Maybe Messi was trying to be too precise given the quality of the goalkeeper in his vision. His shot went a yard wide and, even in a career of his rich achievement, that miss may always torment him.

Higuaín might think similarly about the chance he squandered after Toni Kroos, of all people, sold Neuer short with a header in the 20th minute.
在托尼·克罗斯之后,伊瓜因也许也会对那次痛失时机有着相似的看法吧。在20分钟内,送给了诺伊尔短传加头球。在托尼.克罗斯之后,伊瓜因可能也会对他挥霍的那次机会持有同样的想法吧。在第20分钟,诺伊尔的短传加头球越过了所有人 by子夜】

Higuaín, like Messi, had been free, bearing down on goal, only to suffer a loss of nerve. His shot was wild, maybe even slightly panicked, and even at that early stage it was tempting to wonder if that might be a decisive miss.

Higuaín could also reflect on a disallowed goal during those moments in the first half when Argentina seemed absolutely determined to show they were a better side than had been apparent in their semi-final against Holland. There was also a strong suspicion that they had identified Benedikt Höwedes, Germany’s left-back, as vulnerable and it had looked like a clever strategy in that part of the match. Again Javier Mascherano was outstanding, even if he was fortunate on at least two occasions that mistimed tackles did not result in a second yellow card.

Germany, while leaving something in reserve, came close to making the breakthrough just before the break when Höwedes charged through a congested penalty area and headed Thomas Müller’s corner against the post.
在中场休息前,当赫韦德斯通过严防的禁区,朝托马斯·穆勒所在方向的球门柱前进时,德国队已逐步靠近赛势转折点,【此时,德国队仍保留着一定的实力 by 子夜

Müller was predominantly involved on the right of attack but there was a strange lack of creativity from Germany at times. Mesut Özil stayed too long on the edges of the game and Kroos was not at his most effective.

穆勒是右路进攻的主力,但德国队有的时候缺乏创新力。 梅苏特·厄齐尔在比赛的边缘呆了太久,而克罗斯则并没有发挥出全力。

Instead, this was the night when their substitutes blended seamlessly into the occasion and, eventually, won the match. Schürrle quickly found the pace of the game after replacing Kramer and tested Sergio Romero, the Argentina goalkeeper, with a couple of chances of his own. His driving run for the goal came at a point of the match when it had started to drift towards a penalty shootout. Götze, whose arrival had probably ushered in the end of Miroslav Klose’s international career, supplied an elegant finish.

Höwedes had been fortunate not to be punished in the first half for a studs-up challenge on Pablo Zabaleta and Argentina were aggrieved after the break that Neuer got away with a challenge on Higuaín that had shades of Harald Schumacher in 1982, albeit with a clean punch of the ball but with a follow-up knee into his opponent’s jaw.

This, however, was not a final of recriminations but more a story of a plan that came together, in the best possible way, and culminating in Philipp Lahm raising that famous piece of gold to the skies.

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