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国务院总理李克强10日下午在中南海紫光阁会见来华出席第六轮中美战略与经济对话和第五轮中美人文交流高层磋商的美国总统奥巴马特别代表、国务卿克里(Kerry)和财政部长雅各布•卢(Jacob Lew)。

On July 10, 2014, Premier of the State Council Li met with Secretary of the State Kerry and financial minister Jacob Lew, who visited China to attend the sixth round of China-U.S Strategic and Economic Dialogues and the fifth annual China-U.S Consulation on people to people Exchange in Ziguangge, Zhongnanhai.


Li said that China-U.S strategic and economic dialogues and CPE provided a vital platform for two countries strengthening mutual trust and promoting cooperation.


Just now, President Xi met with you, confirming that the result of the dialogue and the consulation. 


The benefits between China and U.S is far more than issues of differences, so the direction of constructing  the new type of big powers' relationship must be insisted and principal of non-conflicts, mutual respect and all-win cooperation must be implemented to action, which is not only beneficial to two countries, but also vital to the world's peace and development.


 China would like to keep contact with the high-level of U.S, expanding pragmatic cooperation on various areas, strengthening the communication and coordination on great national regional issues, respecting core benefits and great concerns of each other, properly dealing with conflicts and frictions, promoting the China-U.S relationships to develop in a long-term, healthy and stable way.


Li pointed out that the world economy were in deep adjustment that the developed and developing countries had been the double engine on promoting the world economy increasing.


China and the U.S. were in different developing stage, so the complementarity of the economy was standing out.

中方愿同美方推进双边投资协定谈判 ,争取早日达成互惠的高水平协定在能源环境、应对气候变化、基础设施建设等领域打造合作亮点,为两国经济、就业创造双赢机会。

China would like to promote the negotiation of BITBilateral Investment Treaties, striving for negotiation  of the high-level mutual benefits; making cooperation highlights on energy environment tackling change of weatherinfrastructure construction and so on aspectsin order to create win-win chance for two countries' economy and employment. 


The U.S. was hoped to take practical measures loosing up the export of civil high-technology items, cooperating with China on energy and related infrastructure and so on aspects in a more active way; strengthening the macroeconomic policy coordination and making deserved contribution to the world economic recovery.


Kerry and Jacob Lew said that the U.S and China as the biggest economy and important partners in the world and economic interdependence strengthen the cooperation was beneficial to the peace of two countries.


The U.S highly praised the achievement of China's opening reform, he would welcome the more and more prosperous and powerful China instead of constraining China.


The two sides had a deeper discussion on strategy, economy, humanity and so on aspects and received important achievement.


The U.S is willing to make joint efforts with China to implement the consensus reached by two leaders and the results of the dialogue and consultant, to promote the cooperation in various areas, to strengthen the communication cooperation in the national and regional affairs, to enlarge the co-benefits, to tackle the differences properly, to confront the change of weather and other global challenge, to maintain the world peace and to promote the promote common development.


The vice-premier Li yandong, Wang yang and State Councilor Yang attended the meeting.

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