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How Much Expertise Was Needed to Down Flight 17?   击落马航MH17专业知识需要知多少?

Flowers have been placed on debris from the Malaysia Airlines flight that was downed on Thursday over Ukraine, killing almost 300. Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev
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Pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine likely shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on Thursday, Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told the U.N. Security Council Friday morning, according to reports.

报道称,美国驻联合国大使Samantha Power,在周五早上向联合国安理会提出,很可能是乌克兰东部的亲俄份子在周四击落了马航17。

Power also told the Security Council that the United States’s preliminary assessment is that the plane was probably downed by an SA-11 missile. The SA-11, according to The Washington Post, “is an early version of the Buk antiaircraft system that has been identified by Ukrainian authorities as the weapon used to bring down the airliner.”

Power还向安理会提供了美国对于这次事故的初步评估报告,报告表明飞机也许是被导弹SA-11击落的,导弹SA-11,用《华盛顿邮报》的话说,“SA-11是较早版本的Buk 防空系统,乌克兰政府已经确认它是击落马航的武器

Power also made a point that will have significant ramifications with regard to international relations—the SA-11, technology which dates back to the 1970s, is a sophisticated weapon, and the pro-Russian separatists are not sophisticated militants, meaning U.S. intel “cannot rule out Russian technical assistance,” Power said. 


The attack, which killed nearly 300, raises many questions about capability as well as culpability. Regardless of whoever is responsible for the attack, just how much military expertise was utilized Thursday, and how much savoir faire was needed to use such weapons, remains unclear.


Experts interviewed by Newsweek cautioned against coming to conclusions, as much of the information about the incident has yet to be confirmed.


“It’s still too early to make any direct accusations against any party,” Keir Giles tells Newsweek. He is an associate fellow of the International Security Department and the Russia and Eurasia program, and director of the Conflict Studies Research Centre, at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a policy think tank based in London.

”现在指责任意一方都言之过早,“Keir Giles在接受采访时说。他是国际安全部门和俄罗斯和欧亚项目的副研究员,是在冲突研究研究中心在皇家国际事务研究所的主任,总部设在伦敦。

However, Giles adds that “the circumstantial evidence is very strong that this is the pro-Russian, Russian-backed separatists using a missile system that they had either captured from the Ukrainian army or got from Russia."


The people who fired the missile might not have known it was a civilian aircraft. While the SA-11 radar system should send a signal to operators indicating information about a target, such as whether the craft is military or civilian, making sense of that data is largely dependent on operators’ competence. Giles points out that the first claims by the separatists were that they had shot down a Ukrainian An-26 aircraft, but these claims rapidly disappeared, supporting the theory that they shot down the wrong plane.


Patrick Smith, a longtime pilot and aviation expert and author of Cockpit Confidential, voices similar sentiments.

Patrick Smith,一位拥有多年飞行经验的飞行员,航空专家,同时是驾驶航班保密的作者,表达了相似的观点。

“It depends who’s watching and what equipment they’re using,” he tells Newsweek. “Obviously, if you’re an air traffic control facility, it’s simple to tell whether it’s a civilian aircraft or whether it’s something else.


“If you’re just a militant in a truck with a missile, that’s just another story,” Smith adds.


Whether missile operators could identify the plane by looking at it also isn’t clear.


“It depends,” Smith says. “To a trained eye, certain types of aircraft look a certain way. I wouldn’t expect everybody to be that discerning. It is possible for somebody who wasn’t quite sure of what they were doing to mistake a civilian plane for a military plane.”


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