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The Dinner 

Herman Koch

Translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett


2014.07.15【英译中】一顿晚餐 (13)4.1 (450字)

Across the top of the tight black hairdos, I glanced at the dinning room – or at least at the first two or three visible tables. To the left of the entrance was the “open kitchen.” Something was being flambéed at that very moment, from the looks of it, accompanied by the obligatory clouds of blue smoke and dancing flames.


I didn’t feel like doing this at all, I realized. Again, my aversion to the evening that lay ahead had become almost physical – a slight feeling of nausea, clammy hands, behind my left eye – not quite enough, though, for me to actually become unwell or fall unconscious right there on the spot.


How would the black-pinafore girls react to a guest who collapsed before even getting past the lectern, I wondered. Would they try to haul me out of the way, drag me into the cloakroom – in any somewhere where the other guests couldn’t see me? They would probably prop me up on a stool behind the coatracks. Politely but firmly, they would ask whether they could call me a taxi. Off! Off with this man! – How wonderful it would be to let Serge stew, what a relief to be able to put a whole new twist on this evening.

我想知道,面对一个还没经过迎接台就晕倒在地的客人,那些穿着黑色连胸围裙的女孩子们会如何反应呢。她们会把我拉到一边,拖进衣帽间——其他客人不会看到我的任何其他地方吗?她们没准会把我架到衣帽架后面的高脚凳上。礼貌但是坚定地问我她们是不是可以帮我叫一辆出租车。放手!放开这个男人!——如果能让泽格着急,那该多不可思议!给这个夜晚扭转趋势,会是多大的解脱阿!这句也好难。。。wonderful是什么意思呢,put a twist。。。]

I thought about what that would mean. We could go back to the café and order a plate of regular-person food. The daily special was ribs with fries, I'd seen on the blackboard above the bar – “Spareribs with fries 11.50 euro” – probably less than a tenth of what we’d have to cough up here, each.


Another alternative would be to head straight for home, with at the very most a little detour past the video shop for a DVD, which we could then watch on the TV in the bedroom, lying on our roomy double bed: a glass of wine, some crackers, a few types of chest to go with (one more little detour past the night shop), and a perfect evening would be complete.


I would be entirely self-effacing, I promised myself: I would let Claire choose the film, even though that meant it was bound to be some costume drama. Pride & Prejudice, A Room with a View or something Murder on the Orient Express-ish. Yes, that was a possibility, I thought. I could pass out and we could go home. But instead I said: “Serge Lohman, the table close to the garden.”


The girl raised her eyes from the page.


“But you are not Mr. Lohman,” she said.


I cursed it all, right there: the restaurant, the girls in their black pinafores, this evening that was ruined even before it began – but most of all I cursed Serge, for this dinner he’d been so keen to arrange, a dinner for which he couldn’t summon up the common courtesy to arrive on time. The way he never arrived on time anywhere; people in union halls across the country had to wait for him to show up too. The oh-so-busy Serge Lohman was probably just running late – the meeting in the last union hall had run over, and now he was caught in traffic somewhere. He didn’t drive himself – no; driving would be a waste of time for someone of Serge’s status. He had a chauffeur to do that for him, so he could spend his precious time judiciously, reading important documents.


“Oh, yes I am,” I said. “Lohman is the name.”


I kept my eyes fixed on the girl, who actually blinked this time, and opened my mouth for the next sentence. The moment had come to cinch the victory, but it was a victory that smacked of defeat.

我眼睛盯着女孩,她这次眨了一下眼,然后我张嘴接着准备说下一句话。 这一刻有着几乎绝对的胜利,但是这是一个带着失败意味的胜利。

“I’m his brother,” I said.


~ 1100字

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