2014.7.26【中译英】月入过万 车夫offer不错哦!(1)

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月入过万 车夫offer不错哦!

Over 10,000 Monthly Pay, Rickshaw Puller’s Offer Not Bad!


Fierce Competition: Over 100 people go for about 10 positions


 Being a puller:pass the round 1 and round 2 interviews


As a name card of Beijing, Shichahai (also called the Shicha Lake) Scenic Zone (where去掉)accumulates a variety of famous tour spots which are a must of the tour for a lot of travelers from home to aboard,including the old Beijing Hutong or alleys, Houhai (or the Back Lake),Prince Gong’s Mansion, the Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street and so on. 


Getting to know the stories of the ancient/old Beijing, rickshaw pullers is a recommended choice of looking around/ traveling in Shichahai and the “eight experienced men of Houhai” is, by chance a puller team formed by a group of aged Beijing people.


Known by the journalist, among the “eight experienced men of Houhai”, the youngest man is over 40 yeas old while the oldest is almost at his 60s. They have ambitious hearts towards this job but their flesh is no more stronger than before.


Meanwhile, there are some problems about the companion tour of the Shichahai hutong caused by the insufficient civilized pullers and disunity in quality of their services. What’s worse, tourists are sometimes skinned by some unlicensed pullers.


Under such circumstances,the rickshaw team in Beijing has come up with the idea of hiring the university students to be the pullers, which helps the team to absorb a number of the down-to-earth and decent young men who can integrate into the global community as well.


Yesterday, the reporter received news about this position from the Shichahai travel consulting service center that the “eight experienced men of Houhai” is indeed, planning to employ some university students as pullers. The specific requirements are as follow----Education background above junior college;Age:23-35 years old; Healthy; Capable of some basic English.


Besides, the nationality, census register and gender or other conditions are free from restriction, meaning, the foreigners and college girls are able to compete with each other on a fair basis.

    “目前我们还在接受简历,有意向者可以把简历投到 shicha-hai@shichahaitour.com邮箱。”

“We’re still accepting the applications at the moment. If you have an intention, just e-mail your resume to this address:shicha-hai@shichahaitour.com”


The in charge personnel told the reporter that by far, they have received more than 100 resumes and scheduled to arrange the interview in turn on the early August in order to finalize about 10 or more pullers to hire after two rounds of interviews.


In response to the common concerns of the position treatment, answering the personnel, rickshaw group will be responsible for the Social Insurances, food and accommodation. The basic pay is RMB 5000 / month plus push money. If the new pullers’ performances are impressive enough, [they can not only have your income raised by as much as 10,000 or even more (with bonus) but also gain the opportunity of promotion as long as they have 2-year experience.]not only can the income be raised to more than 10000/m(with bonus) but also the opportunity of promotion can be gained after two years' work

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2014.7.29【中译英】月入过万 车夫offer不错哦!(2)

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