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 This conversation had occurred while our cab had been threading its way through a long succession of dingy streets and dreary by-ways. In the dingiest and dreariest of them our driver suddenly came to a stand. "That's Audley Court in there," he said, pointing to a narrow slit in the line of dead-coloured brick. "You'll find me here when you come back."
 Audley Court was not an attractive locality. The narrow passage led us into a quadrangle paved with flags and lined by sordid dwellings. We picked our way among groups of dirty children, and through lines of discoloured linen, until we came to Number 46, the door of which was decorated with a small slip of brass on which the name Rance was engraved. On enquiry we found that the constable was in bed, and we were shown into a little front parlour to await his coming.
 He appeared presently, looking a little irritable at being disturbed in his slumbers. "I made my report at the office," he said.
 Holmes took a half-sovereign from his pocket and played with it pensively. "We thought that we should like to hear it all from your own lips," he said.
"I shall be most happy to tell you anything I can," the constable answered with his eyes upon the little golden disk.
"Just let us hear it all in your own way as it occurred."
 Rance sat down on the horsehair sofa, and knitted his brows as though determined not to omit anything in his narrative.
 "I'll tell it ye from the beginning," he said. "My time is from ten at night to six in the morning. At eleven there was a fight at the 'White Hart'; but bar that all was quiet enough on the beat. At one o'clock it began to rain, and I met Harry Murcher--him who has the Holland Grove beat--and we stood together at the corner of Henrietta
Street a-talkin'. Presently--maybe about two or a little after--I thought I would take a look round and see that all was right down the Brixton Road. It was precious dirty and lonely. Not a soul did I meet all the way down, though a cab or two went past me. I was a strollin' down, thinkin' between ourselves how uncommon handy a four of gin hot would be, when suddenly the glint of a light caught my eye in the window of that same house. Now, I knew that them two houses in Lauriston Gardens was empty on account of him that owns them who won't have the drains seed to, though the very last tenant what lived in one of them died o' typhoid fever. I was knocked all in a heap therefore at seeing a light in the window, and I suspected as something was wrong. When I got to the door--"
“我得从头开始讲,”他说,“时间是从晚上10点到第二天早上6点。11点的时候在”白鹿(是翻译成这个吗?想起白鹿餐厅了。。)”发生一起争执,除此之外,在巡逻过程中一直安静。凌晨1点的时候开始下雨,然后我碰到了哈利.摩挈,他在荷兰格罗夫巡逻,我们站在亨丽埃塔街的角落里聊天。没过多久--大概两点多样子--我想着我得四周转转,看看布瑞克斯顿路是否一切正常。路上又脏又乱,空无一人,除了一两辆马车从我身边经过,我连个鬼也看不到。我在街上闲逛,想这手边要是有热腾腾的杜松子酒会怎样,这时,突然从那所房子里射出一束灯光。我知道劳里斯顿花园的两所房子是空着的,因为即使其中一所房子的最后一任房客死于伤寒,房主也没有把下水道排干净(seed to到底什么意思啊?)。因此但我看到灯光时吓了一大跳,怀疑有什么地方不对劲。但我走近大门时---”
"You stopped, and then walked back to the garden gate," my companion  interrupted. "What did you do that for?"
Rance gave a violent jump, and stared at Sherlock Holmes with the utmost amazement upon his features.


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