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The Dinner 

Herman Koch

Translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett

"There are Greek olives from the Peloponnese, lightly doused in first-pressing, extra-virgin, olive oil from Sardinia, and polished off with rosemary from…


The floor manager leaned over our table slightly as he spoke, but we could still barely hear him: in fact, the last part of the sentences became completely lost, leaving us in the dark as to the origin of the rosemary. Normally I don’t give a damn about that kind of information – as far as I cared, the rosemary could have come from Ruhr or the Ardennes, but it seemed like far too much fuss over one little plate of olives, and I had no intention of letting him off the hook easily.


And then that pinky. Why would anyone point with their pinky? Was that supposed to be chic? Did it go with the suit with blue pinstripes, like that light-blue hankie? Or did he simply have something to hide? His other fingers, after all were hidden the whole time. He kept the folded against the palm of his hand, out of sight – perhaps they were covered with flaky eczema or symptoms of some untreatable disease.


Polished off?” I said.


“Yes, polished off with rosemary. Polished off means that they –“


“I know what it means,” I said cuttingly – and perhaps a bit too loudly as well. A man and a woman at the next table stopped talking for a moment and looked over at us: a man with a beard that was much too big, covering his face almost entirely, and a women a little too young for him, in her late twenties, I figured; his second wife, I thought, or maybe some piece of fluff he was trying to impress by taking her to a restaurant like this. “Polished off,” I repeated a little more quietly. “I know that doesn’t mean that someone  ‘polished off’ the olives. As in ‘ getting rid of them’ or ‘blowing them away.’”


From the corner of my eye I saw that Claire had turned out her head and was gazing out the window. Things were not off to a good start: the evening was already ruined; there was no need for me to ruin it any further, especially not for my wife.


But then the manager did something I hadn’t expected: I had more or less counted on seeing his mouth fall open, his lower lip start to tremble, and perhaps even the start of a blush, after which he would stammer some vague apology – something he’ been taught to rattle off, a protocol for dealing with rude and difficult guests – but instead he burst out laughing. What’s more, it was a real laugh, not a fake or polite laugh.


“I’m sorry,” he said, raising his hand to his mouth; the fingers were still curled up as they’d been when he pointed at the olives a minute ago; only the pinky was sticking out. “I never thought about it like that.”


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Ruhr 德国鲁尔区

Ardennes 阿登高地(法国北部,比利时东南部及卢森堡北部,默兹河的东西两方的高原)

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