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The Dinner 

Herman Koch

Translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett


“What’s with the suit?” I asked Claire after we had both said that we’d like the aperitif of the house and the floor manager had walked way from our table.


Claire raised her hand and brushed my cheek. “Sweetheart…”


“No, listen, it’s weird. He’s wearing it for a reason, right? You’re not going to tell me that it’s not on purpose?”


My wife gave me a lovely smile, the smile she always bestowed on me when she thought I was getting worked up about nothing – a smile that so much as said that she found all the fuss entertaining at best, but that I mustn’t think of for one second that she was going to take it seriously.


“And then the tealight,” I said. “Why not a teddy bear? Or a silent vigil?”


Claire took a Peloponnesian olive from the plate and put it in her mouth. “Mmm,” she said. “Lovely. Too bad, though – you really can taste that the rosemary had had too little sunlight.”


Now it was my turn to smile; the rosemary, the manager had told us finally, was “homegrown,” from a glassed-in herbarium behind the restaurant. “Did you notice how he points with his pinky all the time?” I said, opening the menu.


What I was in fact planning to do was look at the prices of the entrees: the prices in restaurants like this always fascinate me. Let me make it clear right away that I’m not stingy by nature; that has nothing to do with it. I’m also not going to claim that money is no object, but I’m light-years removed from people who say it’s a “waste of money” to eat in a restaurant while “at home you can make things that are so much nicer.” No, people like that don’t understand anything, not about food and not about restaurants.


My fascination isn’t that kind of fascination; it has to do with what, for the sake of convenience, I’d call that yawning chasm between the dish itself and the price you have to pay for it: as though the two variables – money on one side, food on the other – have nothing to do with each other, as though they inhabit two separate worlds and have no business being side by side on the same menu.

让我着迷的不是那种事物;跟那有关系,为了方便起见,我会说是关于菜本身与你要付的价格之间的让人目瞪口呆的巨大差距: 就好像是这两个变量--一个是金钱/价格,一个是食物--他们相互之间没有任何关系,好像他们存在于两个完全不同的世界,完全没有在一张菜单上并排写着。


That was what I was planning to do: I was going to read the names of the dishes, and then the process that were printed next to them, but my eyes was caught by something on the left-hand page.


I looked, looked again, then peered around the restaurant to see if I could spot the manager’s suit.


“What is it?” Claire asked.


“Did you see what it says here?”


My wife looked at me questioningly.


“It says: ‘Aperitif of the house, ten euros.’”




“But that’s insane, isn’t it?” I said. “The man said: We’d like to offer you the aperitif of the house,’ right? ‘The aperitif of the house is pink champagne.’ So what are you supposed to think? You think they’re offering you the pink champagne, or am I nuts? If they offer you something, you get it, right? ‘Can we offer you this-or-that of the house?’ Then it shouldn’t cost ten euros – it should be free!”


“No, wait a minute, not always. If the menu says ‘Steak a la maison’ –‘Steak of the house,’ in other words – all it means is that it was prepared according to the recipe of the house. No, that’s not a good example…’House wine’…’Wine of the house’ –that doesn’t mean you get the wine for free does it?”



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