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        There was, in her cupboard, a Golden Cap, with a circle of diamonds and

        rubies running round it. This Golden Cap had a charm. Whoever owned it

        could call three times upon the Winged Monkeys, who would obey any order

        they were given. But no person could command these strange creatures

        more than three times. Twice already the Wicked Witch had used the charm

        of the Cap. Once was when she had made the Winkies her slaves, and set

        herself to rule over their country. The Winged Monkeys had helped her do

        this. The second time was when she had fought against the Great Oz

        himself, and driven him out of the land of the West. The Winged Monkeys

        had also helped her in doing this. Only once more could she use this

        Golden Cap, for which reason she did not like to do so until all her

        other powers were exhausted. But now that her fierce wolves and her wild

        crows and her stinging bees were gone, and her slaves had been scared

        away by the Cowardly Lion, she saw there was only one way left to

        destroy Dorothy and her friends.


        So the Wicked Witch took the Golden Cap from her cupboard and placed it

        upon her head. Then she stood upon her left foot and said slowly:

        "Ep-pe, pep-pe, kak-ke!"

        Next she stood upon her right foot and said:

        "Hil-lo, hol-lo, hel-lo!"

        After this she stood upon both feet and cried in a loud voice:

        "Ziz-zy, zuz-zy, zik!"

        Now the charm began to work. The sky was darkened, and a low rumbling

        sound was heard in the air. There was a rushing of many wings, a great

        chattering and laughing, and the sun came out of the dark sky to show

        the Wicked Witch surrounded by a crowd of monkeys, each with a pair of

        immense and powerful wings on his shoulders.

        One, much bigger than the others, seemed to be their leader. He flew

        close to the Witch and said, "You have called us for the third and last

        time. What do you command?"

        "Go to the strangers who are within my land and destroy them all except

        the Lion," said the Wicked Witch. "Bring that beast to me, for I have a

        mind to harness him like a horse, and make him work."

        "Your commands shall be obeyed," said the leader. Then, with a great

        deal of chattering and noise, the Winged Monkeys flew away to the place

        where Dorothy and her friends were walking.












        Some of the Monkeys seized the Tin Woodman and carried him through the

        air until they were over a country thickly covered with sharp rocks.

        Here they dropped the poor Woodman, who fell a great distance to the

        rocks, where he lay so battered and dented that he could neither move

        nor groan.

        Others of the Monkeys caught the Scarecrow, and with their long fingers

        pulled all of the straw out of his clothes and head. They made his hat

        and boots and clothes into a small bundle and threw it into the top

        branches of a tall tree.

        The remaining Monkeys threw pieces of stout rope around the Lion and

        wound many coils about his body and head and legs, until he was unable

        to bite or scratch or struggle in any way. Then they lifted him up and

        flew away with him to the Witch's castle, where he was placed in a small

        yard with a high iron fence around it, so that he could not escape.

        But Dorothy they did not harm at all. She stood, with Toto in her arms,

        watching the sad fate of her comrades and thinking it would soon be her

        turn. The leader of the Winged Monkeys flew up to her, his long, hairy

        arms stretched out and his ugly face grinning terribly; but he saw the

        mark of the Good Witch's kiss upon her forehead and stopped short,

        motioning the others not to touch her.

        "We dare not harm this little girl," he said to them, "for she is

        protected by the Power of Good, and that is greater than the Power of

        Evil. All we can do is to carry her to the castle of the Wicked Witch

        and leave her there."

















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