How Chronic Illness Can Steal Your Sunshine 02

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And that is when I realized that I needed to be a duck.A wise friend once pointed out that from a distance, a duck on the water appears calm and peaceful. Yet when you get closer, you see how wildly their webbed feet are splashing and how hard they are actually working to keep that little duck body afloat. I can relate. I am sure you can too.

How is it going? …… “Just Ducky!”



I look fine, but I am actually working really hard to appear that way. The added stress, management, time, therapies, appointments, and lifestyle modifications that take place below the waterline may be frantic. But above the waves, I want to be graceful and glide.

So I started by collecting inspiring quotes, and made an effort to take a walk and claim quiet time each day. I talked to a counselor who provided the perfect place to dump all my negativity, and then be able to walk away from it. I made a bigger effort to find other things to talk about by engaging more in my interests and giving my brain a rest from thinking about illness. And over time, I began to feel better.


I even found a new website Happify that features games designed to train your brain to be more positive. It is one of several websites, based on neuroscience, that are part of the growing trend of positive psychology. Ironically, I approached the site with a lot of skepticism. But must admit, I am now hooked.


Recognising the toll chronic illness was taking on my mindset prompted me to redirect my mental energy in a more healthy and optimistic way. Today, even though there are days that I may have to kick harder than others to stay afloat, I can honestly say I feel much more positive and content. I am not saying that venting doesn’t have its place. But for me, it needed to be contained so that it didn’t take over the whole pond.


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