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Sierra Leone Deploys Troops in Ebola Crisis塞拉利昂调动军队应对埃博拉病毒危机

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone — Faced with a widening crisis over the spread of the deadly Ebola virus, Sierra Leone’s government said Tuesday that it would deploy hundreds of troops and police officers to ensure that patients and family members who may be infected remain isolated.



A battalion — 750 soldiers — will be sent to clinics housing Ebola patients in areas where the disease is most virulent, and the police presence will be reinforced at homes where family members are at risk of having contracted it, said Abdulai Baratay, a government spokesman.

政府发言人Abdulai Baratay说,政府将派遣一个营队——750人——至病情最严重的几个区里安置埃博拉患者的诊所,并且,对于可能感染的家属,其所在房屋也将受到警察的强制监控。


Sierra Leone has become the center of the worst-ever outbreak of Ebola, which has instilled fear across West Africa and has spread to four countries.



 Sierra Leone, a country of 5.7 million people and the size of South Carolina, has recorded the highest number of cases, 646, and the second-highest deaths, 273.



The mortality rate is so high — up to 90 percent — that many across the region simply refuse to accept that Ebola is present. Several cases have been recorded here of families entering clinics to snatch away relatives with the disease and not abiding by new rules quarantining households — forbidding the coming and going of visitors — where there have been Ebola patients.




The deployment of soldiers and police officers announced Tuesday is intended to combat this wave, government spokesmen said.



It also appears to be a sign of the increasing anxiety of officials here, faced with a deadly tide that is intensifying, not diminishing. Monday was decreed a “stay at home day” in Sierra Leone, an interruption of normal life to bring home to a resistant population that it faces a deadly challenge.




“Where there is a serious situation, the president can invoke military assistance to civil power,” Unisa Sesay, the president’s director of communications, said in an interview. “You have to understand that there has been a lot of lawlessness connected to this Ebola business.”

总统的联络官Unisa Sesay在采访中说道,当面临严峻形式的时候,总统可以借助军事力量协助政权。需要知道的是在这次埃博拉事件中就牵涉了许多违反法规现象。


Mr. Sesay noted that “family members have forced their way into these medical facilities and removed” patients “and taken them home, and overpowered the workers.”

Mr. Sesay 补充道,曾有家属们通过武力压制医护人员闯进医疗机构把病人带回家。


He said the “infection rate” was increasing, precisely because of this lack of respect for the rigorous isolation measures that the disease demands. The troops will be deployed especially in the major outbreak centers of Kenema and Kailahun, in the country’s east, he said.

他说,感染率的增长就是因为有些人对控制埃博拉传播所需的严格隔离条件不屑一顾。军队将会被调往国家东部,疾病爆发中心的Kenema 和 Kailahun。


On the streets of the capital, people have made a joke of a “no handshake” rule counseled by some. But there were signs that the seriousness of the epidemic was taking hold. “Everyone is worried,” said Kingsley Sesay, 21, an automobile repairman in the Cline Town district. “Some are believers, and some do not believe. I’m worried, because it is a killer disease.”

在首都的街道上,人们拿有些人提议的“别握手”开玩笑。但是传染病带来的肃杀气氛还是占据上风。在Cline Town区的21岁手机修理工, Kingsley Sesay说道,每个人都很担忧,有的人相信,有的人不信。我很忧虑,因为埃博拉是会致死的。


The United States Agency for International Development announced Tuesday that it would deploy a team to West Africa, including some representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to help coordinate the American government’s response to the outbreak, which has so far killed 887.




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