2014.08.13【英译中】Making the big leap: Not marriage, just moving in

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Making the big leap: Not marriage, just moving in


You love him. (Or her.) You’ve probably been dating for a while, and you’re thinking of making it official — and no, you’re not exchanging rings. Instead, you want to move in together.


“Culturally, living together is very accessible, almost expected now,” said Hilary Hendershott, a financial planner in California in the US.

美国加利福尼亚的财产规划师Hilary Hendershott说:“想要一起生活是可以理解的,几乎是众望所归的。”

The numbers are growing. In the US, three-quarters of women have lived with a significant other outside of marriage by the age of 30, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the UK, cohabiting couples are the fastest growing type of family, according to the Office for National Statistics. In Australia, more than 78% of marriages are preceded by living together, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


But sharing an address with a romantic partner isn’t complication-free. Here’s how it works.


What it will take: You must be prepared to communicate about finances, prepare a joint budget and combine households.


How long you need to prepare: This will depend on your living arrangements. At least one of you will have to end your lease (or wait for it to end) or make arrangements for a sublease. And if you plan to find a new place together the search can take a few weeks to a few months.


Do it now: Have a frank conversation. “Often times, couples don’t communicate about their finances until after they’ve moved in together and this can lead to a ton of conflict,” said Shannon Lee Simmons, a financial planner with Simmons Financial Planning in Toronto. Before getting a joint set of keys, there should be an open discussion about your partner’s financial situation. Is there debt? Can he pay bills on time? What are her financial goals? “Make sure your financial habits are well understood by your partner and that you understand theirs before taking the plunge,” Simmons said.

现在就做:坦诚沟通。多伦多席梦思财务规划公司的规划师Shannon Lee Simmons说:“许多情侣都是住到一起才沟通财产,这可能带来一大堆矛盾。”在住到一起之前,双方需要敞开讨论财产状况,有负债吗?他能准时还贷吗?她的财务目标是什么?Simmons还说:“同居前,要确保你们双方互相理解了对方的理财习惯。”

Also, do both of you know where the relationship is going? Is marriage in your future? What happens if someone gets pregnant? “Many times people have issues when life situations pop up because they never asked each other the right questions,” said Melisa Alaba, a professional counselor in Illinois in the US.

还有,你们俩都知道关系进展到哪一步了吗?将来打算结婚吗?如果女方怀孕了怎么办?美国伊利诺斯州的专业顾问Melisa Alaba说:“许多时候生活中会发生问题都是因为双方没有清楚了解对方。”

Create a budget. How will you handle bills when you live together? Will you split everything down the middle or will you divide expenses up proportionately based on what you both earn? Devise a plan for household spending and groceries. “This can be the biggest issue in monthly budgeting for new couples, since many times only one partner ends up grabbing groceries,” Simmons said. “So it feels like this spending is all on them.”



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