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"You didn't need to do that, Dad. I was going to buy myself a car."


   "I don't mind. I want you to be happy here." He was looking ahead at the road when he said this. Charlie wasn't comfortable with expressing his emotions out loud. I inherited that from him. So I was looking straight ahead as I responded.   "That's really nice, Dad. Thanks. I really appreciate it." No need to add that my being happy in Forks is an impossibility. He didn't need to suffer along with me. And I never looked a free truck in the mouth — or engine.

“我不介意,我想你在这里过得开心。”当他说这些话的时候直视前方。查理大声表达自己的感情时会感觉很不自在,我也遗传了他这一点,所以我回答的时候也直视前方。“你真好,爸,谢谢你。我真的很感谢你为我做的事。”更必要跟他说我在福克斯镇开心地生活是不可能的事。他没必要跟我一起受苦,我从来也不挑剔得到一辆免费的卡车 — 或者引擎。

   "Well, now, you're welcome," he mumbled, embarrassed by my thanks.


   We exchanged a few more comments on the weather, which was wet, and that was pretty much it for Conversation. We stared out the windows in silence.


   It was beautiful, of course; I couldn't deny that. Everything was green: the trees, their trunks covered with moss, their branches hanging with a canopy of it, the ground covered with ferns. Even the air filtered down greenly through the leaves.(这段实在太美了~)


   It was too green — an alien planet.


   Eventually we made it to Charlie's. He still lived in the small, two-bedroom house that he'd bought with my mother in the early days of their marriage. Those were the only kind of days their marriage had — the early ones. There, parked on the street in front of the house that never changed, was my new — well, new to me — truck. It was a faded red color, with big, rounded fenders and a  bulbous cab. To my intense surprise, I loved it. I didn't know if it would run, but I could see myself in it. Plus, it was one of those solid iron affairs that never gets damaged — the kind you see at the scene of an accident, paint unscratched, surrounded by the pieces of the foreign car it had destroyed.

终于,我们到达查理的家。他依然住在他和我妈妈刚结婚时买的这间只有两间卧室的小房子。这些是他们的婚姻仅有的日子 —早期的那些。停在从未改变的房子的街道前的就是我新的 —好吧,至少对于我来说是新的 — 卡车。车身是褪了色的红色,有一个大大的圆形的挡泥板和灯泡状的驾驶室(反正我是想象不出来咋样的····)。令我非常惊讶的是,我很喜欢它。我不知道它能不能动,但是我可以看到自己坐在里面了。另外,它就是那种永远不会损坏的硬铁大块头,那种你在交通事故中看到的场景,虽然油漆掉了,但是周围散落着它撞坏了的外国车的碎片。


"Wow, Dad, I love it! Thanks!" Now my horrific day tomorrow would be just that much less dreadful. I wouldn't be faced with the choice of either walking two miles in the rain to school or accepting a ride in the Chief's cruiser.


   "I'm glad you like it," Charlie said gruffly, embarrassed again.


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