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APRIL 25, 2014

A Delay worth Celebrating? Obama Prolongs Keystone XL Fight

一项值得庆祝的拖延?奥巴马政府拖延Keystone XL工程(1)

Posted By Elizabeth Kolbert

Friday, as everyone in Washington knows, is the day announcements are made that are meant to go unnoticed. This goes double for Good Friday, which is probably why the Obama Administration chose that occasion to reveal that it was, once again, putting off a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, which would run for seventeen hundred miles, from Alberta to Nebraska. The Administration cited ongoing litigation over the pipeline’s route through Nebraska as the cause for the delay, but, in the week since, no one, it seems, has bought this explanation.

华盛顿的每个人都知道,星期五发布的公告注定难以受到关注。受难日这一天更是如此,这也许是为什么奥巴马政府选择在这一天宣布再度推迟了一项关于keystone XL 石油管的决议。该管道从阿尔伯塔延伸到内布拉斯加州,长达1700英里。奥巴马政府称推迟此项决定是因为穿过内部拉斯州的石油管道路线正在诉讼中,但是,这一周以来似乎都没有人相信这个解释。

“This is yet another laughable reason to delay a project that the federal government has been scrutinizing for more than five years,” the Washington Post’s editorial board opined on Wednesday. The delay is likely to push the decision beyond the midterm elections, which, presumably, is the point. Of course, it also means that Keystone XL will remain a divisive campaign issue through November. Last week, Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his seat in Kentucky, became the latest red-state Democrat to announce her support for the project.

华盛顿邮报编辑部在星期三说:“推迟一项联邦政府已经审查了五年多的工程,这是一个可笑的借口。”这项推迟可能是想把决议推到中期选举之后,这也许才是此举的重点所在。当然,这也意味着Keystone XL依旧会是整个十一月选举的一个争端问题。上周,艾莉森·郎德刚·格兰姆斯(Alison Lundergan Grimes)挑战参议院少数党领袖明奇·麦康奈尔在肯塔基州的位置,成为了最后一个支持此工程的红州民主党人。

“We need to finish the Keystone XL pipeline and consider other vital infrastructure projects that will benefit Kentucky,” Grimes said. What exactly she meant is unclear, since, as the Louisville Courier-Journal observed, the pipeline “would not cross through Kentucky.”

格兰姆斯说:“我们要完成Keystone XL石油管道工程,然后考虑有利于肯塔基州的重要基础设施工程”。她确切所指并不明确,因为据路易斯维尔信使报观察,这条管道“并不会经过肯塔基州”。

It’s difficult to applaud the Administration for simply dragging out the Keystone decision. Temporizing is rarely a sign of political courage, and the fight over the pipeline has lasted for so long that it’s threatening to undermine other, really vital projects; for instance, it now seems that divisions over Keystone may prevent passage of a Senate bill designed to encourage energy efficiency, which has garnered rare bipartisan support. (The bill’s primary sponsors are the Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen, of New Hampshire, and the Republican senator Rob Portman, of Ohio.) And yet, on balance, the Administration’s stalling has to be celebrated. Certainly, it is better than the alternative advocated by, among many, many others, McConnell, Grimes, and the Post’s editorial board.


One of the strange things that has happened during the years that the debate has raged on is that pipeline advocates have increasingly accused pipeline opponents of waging a meaningless battle. Thus the Post could claim this week that its support of the pipeline “does not mean we like burning dirty oil sands crude.” According to the editorial board, the “economic rewards of extracting Canadian oil” are so great and the “options for getting it out of the country” are so numerous that it really doesn’t matter if the pipeline gets built; even if it doesn’t, the crude from the oil sands is still going to get extracted and burned. Constructing the pipeline, by this logic, would have no real-world consequences, for, as the Post put it, “symbolic gestures … have no impact on climate change.”

争论一直持续的这些年里发生的奇怪的事情之一就是管道支持者控诉反对者在进行一场无意义的斗争。因此,邮报这周会宣城其对石油管道的支持“并不意味这我们喜欢燃烧肮脏的油砂原油。” 据邮报编辑部说,“提炼加拿大石油的经济回报”是如此之高,“把它从加拿大提取出来的选择”也是如此之多,所以石油管道建不建都没有很大关系;即使不建这个石油管道,油砂中的原油依旧会被提取出来然后燃烧。从这个逻辑来看,建石油管道没有现实的成果,因为正如邮报所说,“象征性的举措……是不会影响气候变化的。”


一项值得庆祝的拖延?奥巴马政府拖延Keystone XL工程(2)


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