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2014.05.07【英译汉】The Man in the Woods③ http://s.hujiang.com/topic/133902/

Christopher gathered himself together with an effort. Ever since entering this strange house he had been bewildered, as though drunk from the endless trees he had come through, and uneasy at coming from darkness and the watching forest into a house where he sat down without introductions at his host’s table. Swallowing, Christopher turned to look at Mr. Oakes, and said, “It’s very kind of you to take me in. If you hadn’t, I guess I’d have been wandering around in the woods all night.”

Mr. Oakes bowed his head slightly at Christopher.
“I guess I was a little frightened,” Christopher said with a small embarrassed laugh. “All those trees.”
“Indeed yes,” Mr. Oakes said placidly. “All those trees.”


Christopher wondered if he had shown his gratitude adequately. He wanted very much to say something further, something that might lead to an explicit definition of his privileges: whether he was to stay the night, for instance, or whether he must go out again into the woods in the darkness; whether, if he did stay the night, he might have in the morning another such meal as this dinner. When Aunt Cissy filled his plate a second time, Christopher smiled up at her. “This is certainly wonderful,” he said to her. “I don’t know when I’ve had a meal I enjoyed this much.”

Aunt Cissy bowed her head to him as Mr. Oakes had before.
“The food comes from the woods, of course,” Mr. Oakes said. “Circe gathers her onions down by the river, but naturally none of that need concern you.”
“I suppose not,” Christopher said, feeling that he was not to stay the night.
“Tomorrow will be soon enough for you to see the house,” Mr. Oakes added.
“I suppose so,” Christopher said, realizing that he was indeed to stay the night.
“所有的食物确实都是从树林里来的,”奥柯斯先生说。 “瑟丝在河边种了些洋葱,不过这些事情当然不劳你操心了。”

“Tonight,” Mr. Oakes said, his voice deliberately light. “Tonight, I should like to hear about you, and what things you have seen on your journey, and what takes place in the world you have left.”
Christopher smiled; knowing that he could stay the night, and could not in charity be dismissed before the morning, he felt relaxed. Aunt Cissy’s good dinner had pleased him, and he was ready enough to talk with his host.

“I don’t really know quite how I got here,” he said. “I just took the road into the woods.”
“You would have to go through the woods to get here,” his host agreed soberly.
“Before that,” Christopher went on, “I passed a lot of farmhouses and a little town—do you know the name of it? I asked a woman there for a meal and she turned me away.”
He laughed now, at the memory, with Aunt Cissy’s good dinner finished.
“And before that,” he said, “I was studying.”
“You are a scholar,” the old man said. “Naturally.”

“I don’t know why.” Christopher turned at last to Mr. Oakes and spoke frankly. “I don’t know why,” he repeated. “One day I was there, in college, like everyone else, and then the next day I just left, without any reason except that I did.” He glanced from Mr. Oakes to Phyllis to Aunt Cissy; they were all looking at him with blank expectation. He stopped, and said lamely, “And I guess that’s all that happened before I came here.”

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