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The next day was better… and worse. 

It was better because it wasn't raining yet, though the clouds were dense and opaque. It was easier  because I knew what to expect of my day. 


Mike came to sit by me in English, and walked me to my next class, with Chess Club Eric glaring at him all the while; that was nattering. 


People didn't look at me quite as much as they had yesterday. I sat with a big group at lunch that included Mike, Eric, Jessica, and several other people whose names and faces I now remembered. I began to feel like I was treading water, instead of drowning in it.

It was worse because I was tired; I still couldn't sleep with the wind echoing around the house. It was worse because Mr. Varner called on me in Trig when my hand wasn't raised and I had the wrong answer. It was miserable because I had to play volleyball, and the one time I didn't cringe out of the way of the ball, I hit my teammate in the head with it. And it was worse because Edward Cullen wasn't in school at all. 
说更坏的原因是因为我觉得累了。我晚上依然睡不着,因为风一直在房子周围呼呼地吹。还有三角学的维纳先生在我没有举手的情况下叫我回答问题,而我还回答错了。更悲剧的是我要打排球,有一次我没弄清球的方向,结果把它打到队友的头上了。还有一个更坏的,就是爱德华 卡伦今天根本没来学校。
All morning I was dreading lunch, fearing his bizarre glares. Part of me wanted to confront him and demand to know what his problem was. While I was lying sleepless in my bed, I even imagined what I would say. But I knew myself too well to think I would really have the guts to do it. I made the Cowardly Lion look like the terminator. 
But when I walked into the cafeteria with Jessica — trying to keep my eyes from sweeping the place for him, and failing entirely — I saw that his four siblings of sorts were sitting together at the same table, and he was not with them. 
Mike intercepted us and steered us to his table. Jessica seemed elated by the attention, and her friends quickly joined us. 


But as I tried to listen to their easy chatter, I was terribly uncomfortable, waiting nervously for the moment he would arrive. I hoped that he would simply ignore me when he came, and prove my suspicions false. 

He didn't come, and as time passed I grew more and more tense. 

I walked to Biology with more confidence when, by the end of lunch, he still hadn't showed. Mike, who was taking on the qualities of a golden retriever, walked faithfully by my side to class. I held my breath at the door, but Edward Cullen wasn't there, either. 

到午餐的最后,他还是没有出现,因此我有更多的信心去上生物课了。迈克像继承了金毛猎犬的品质一样,忠诚地陪我走到教室。在门口的时候我屏住气,但爱德华 卡伦也没在这里。

I exhaled and went to my seat. Mike followed, talking about an upcoming trip to the beach. He 

lingered by my desk till the bell rang. Then he smiled at me wistfully and went to sit by a girl with braces and a bad perm. 


It looked like I was going to have to do something about Mike, and it wouldn't be easy. In a town like this, where everyone lived on top of everyone else, diplomacy was essential. I had never been enormously tactful; I had no practice dealing with overly friendly boys. 


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