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Why are these next steps so important? Think of it this way. A person who is newly born spiritually can be compared with a newborn baby. Both are at risk. Both need help. Both require protection, care and nurture. Just as the young baby needs natural food, the person born spiritually needs the right kind of spiritual food.


Jesus gave an illustration to help us understand the risks involved. He spoke about a farmer sowing seed -- an example that underscores the importance of the next 30 days. He said some seed is sown by the side of the road where it is consumed by birds before it ever takes root. Other seed falls where the soil is shallow. It has an initial burst of growth, but the roots never become well established. When the sun comes up, the seed is scorched and withers. Still other seed takes root, but soon thorns entangle and choke the life out of the new plant.

Fortunately the parable doesn't end there. Jesus described another kind of soil as "good ground." Seed sown into this soil took root, grew and eventually multiplied many times over. (See Matthew 13:1-23 for the full parable) Wouldn't you like your spiritual roots to go into that kind of soil? 

幸运的是,该寓言并未这此结束。耶稣描写了另外一种土壤,叫“沃土”。种子撒播在这块土壤,生根发芽,茁壮成长,最终繁衍数代。(完整的寓言见 《马太福音》 章节13:1-23)你不想让你的灵魂扎根于这样的土壤吗?

The "seed" in the parable represents the "gospel" -- or literally the "good news" that Jesus died on our behalf in order that we might be restored in our relationship with God and receive eternal life. You should make it your goal to go beyond an initial experience of yielding to Christ, and press on toward sustained viability, productivity and dynamic change.


Studies indicate the critical importance of what happens in the days immediately following a new spiritual birth. If you get a good start, the benefits can sustain you the rest of your life. You want to understand what has happened and establish new ways of thinking and behaving in order to grow, become spiritually healthy and impact the lives of others.

I firmly believe that if you will make a modest investment of time to study the key concepts in this 30-day guide, you will see your roots go deeply into the good ground Jesus spoke about. You may not find it easy. All kinds of distractions will compete for your time and attention. But stick with it! Let seeds of truth and life take hold. God wants this for you and will make it possible. The rewards are infinitely great, while the potential loss of missing the opportunity is beyond measure.

Your destiny is not to fail or see your vitality choked off by thorns, but rather to be a productive person who succeeds in every dimension of life. You were designed to be a joy-filled follower of Jesus Christ! This guide will help you become that person.


by John D. Beckett

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