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                                                                                       Songs of An Abandoned dog

An Abandoned dog is boarding at my bookshop. It is not my dog and I am not its master.

It is one kind of Pekinese dogs, all in white. It is supposed to be a handsome male dog before being abandoned by its masters. Now, it appears some of sickness and slouching , filled with sadness in its eyes. However, it has no subservience or pity. Its white fur is wrinkled, and the fur on his head slouches and covers its eyes and mouth.There are stains somewhere. If you go near to it, you can smell a nasty odour. It turns out that it has not been washed for more than one year.

He is such an abandoned dog. It is said that it was thrown away three or five years ago by his maste and he came to the place where my bookstore is located and was adopted by the kind-heart shopkeeper. He gave him a shelter. when he is out, his wife sometimes washed him, sometimes sheared him and sometimes powdered him so as to remove the louse. Last year, The master took his wife to work outside for the happiness of his family. And the dog was abandoned again. But he has a sentimental attachment to his new famiily. He stays here. He stays here to wait for his master to come back. He stays here to keep the shop.

他是一只这样的流浪狗,据说,今年有近10岁 ,在狗的世界算是老者了 。主人外出打工,他被留守在家里,没人管他,没有住的,没有吃的,还好,他自己能走动,走出去就可以找到吃的。他很有骨气,他不向人讨,他不摇尾乞求。这两年来,我看得出,他很孤独,

He is such an abandoned dog.It is said he is 10 years old. It is in his old time as a dog. Because his new master went outside for work and he remains at home, nobody care for him, no shelter, no food. Luckly, he can walk and there food outside he can go and find food by himself.  He is a dog of integrity, never ask, never beg. These two years , I can see that he is lonely. But I don't know why, why he did not leave here, why he did not go to find a partner . Maybe he see through the vanity of the dog's world, undstand the true love.Maybe he insist on his loyal, to his new master,  and to his wife.


He is such an abandoned dog. He remind me of the pictures " A Day, a Dog", drawn by Gabrielle Vincent. It tells the story of an abandoned dog's day, The similar dog become alone and helpless due to his master died in accident . it shew its loyal to its master and searched its master towards the crashed car waiting. At last it give up waiting smelt along the way from  wilderness to the sea, from the river bank to the city road, seeming it was seeking its master. Sometimes it stopped and roared to the sky as if it is accusing its own destiny ...However, he is not as fortune as the dog in Gabrielle Vincent's story.Gabrielle Vincent's dog met with a young boy who love dogs and acquired its hope. He just meets with me with kind heart. but I don't like dog. Moreover,he is very old dog and I worry about whether I can give his happyness in the future. What is more, he refused me as his master.

Why is he boarding at my bookshop? Last winter,I found it very pitiful and fear he would frozed to death outside. I kept him in my bookshop for several nights. Maybe it was too cold or maybe he is too old, he brought me loss when he slept in my bookshop. He damaged my book. He made my books as his bed and quilt. I gave him a rugged clothes, he did not accepted it. Maybe I am not the people who love dogs. I don't know how to keep it. In addition, I don't want to taking him away from his master and make him loyal to me. When it became better, I did not leave him in my bookshop.he know I am a kindheart one and he also don't want to bring me more trouble. After year, he stumbles into my bookshop in rainday and rest in the corner when it rains. he lies at my glass glass-frame cabinet, enjoying the sunshine when it is sunny. At night, he himself goes out , watch out for my shop and his master's.


He is such an abandoned dog,old, pitiful and of integrity. 

He is such an abandoned dog,grateful,loyal and with no betraying.



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