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        When she had tired watching the dancing, Boq led her into the house, 
        where he gave her a room with a pretty bed in it. The sheets were made 
        of blue cloth, and Dorothy slept soundly in them till morning, with Toto 
        curled up on the blue rug beside her. 
        She ate a hearty breakfast, and watched a wee Munchkin baby, who played 
        with Toto and pulled his tail and crowed and laughed in a way that 
        greatly amused Dorothy. Toto was a fine curiosity to all the people, for 

        they had never seen a dog before.


       "How far is it to the Emerald City?" the girl asked. 
        "I do not know," answered Boq gravely, "for I have never been there. It 
        is better for people to keep away from Oz, unless they have business 
        with him. But it is a long way to the Emerald City, and it will take you 
        many days. The country here is rich and pleasant, but you must pass 
        through rough and dangerous places before you reach the end of your 
        This worried Dorothy a little, but she knew that only the Great Oz could 
        help her get to Kansas again, so she bravely resolved not to turn back. 
        She bade her friends good-bye, and again started along the road of 
        yellow brick. When she had gone several miles she thought she would stop 
        to rest, and so climbed to the top of the fence beside the road and sat 
        down. There was a great cornfield beyond the fence, and not far away she 
        saw a Scarecrow, placed high on a pole to keep the birds from the ripe 


    她告别了朋友们,又踏上了黄砖路;走了几英里以后,想要停下来休息一下,就走到路边,爬到栅栏上坐下来。栅栏外是一块很大的玉米地,不远处有一个稻草人,高高地插在一根杆子上;因为玉米快成熟了,不能让那些鸟儿来偷食 。

        Dorothy leaned her chin upon her hand and gazed thoughtfully at the 
        Scarecrow. Its head was a small sack stuffed with straw, with eyes, 
        nose, and mouth painted on it to represent a face. An old, pointed blue 
        hat, that had belonged to some Munchkin, was perched on his head, and 
        the rest of the figure was a blue suit of clothes, worn and faded, which 
        had also been stuffed with straw. On the feet were some old boots with 
        blue tops, such as every man wore in this country, and the figure was 
        raised above the stalks of corn by means of the pole stuck up its back.
       While Dorothy was looking earnestly into the queer, painted face of the 
        Scarecrow, she was surprised to see one of the eyes slowly wink at her. 
        She thought she must have been mistaken at first, for none of the 
        scarecrows in Kansas ever wink; but presently the figure nodded its head 
        to her in a friendly way. Then she climbed down from the fence and 
        walked up to it, while Toto ran around the pole and barked.
       "Good day," said the Scarecrow, in a rather husky voice. 
        "Did you speak?" asked the girl, in wonder. 
        "Certainly," answered the Scarecrow. "How do you do?" 
        "I'm pretty well, thank you," replied Dorothy politely. "How do you do?" 
        "I'm not feeling well," said the Scarecrow, with a smile, "for it is 
        very tedious being perched up here night and day to scare away crows." 
        "Can't you get down?" asked Dorothy. 
        "No, for this pole is stuck up my back. If you will please take away the 
        pole I shall be greatly obliged to you."
        Dorothy reached up both arms and lifted the figure off the pole, for, 
        being stuffed with straw, it was quite light. 
        "Thank you very much," said the Scarecrow, when he had been set down on 
        the ground. "I feel like a new man." 
        Dorothy was puzzled at this, for it sounded queer to hear a stuffed man 
        speak, and to see him bow and walk along beside her.



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