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8 things America gets terribly wrong about sex

From ridiculous anti-sex laws to abstinence education, our country's puritanical values remain deeply ingrained

We get many things right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. We were the first to put a man on the moon (Neil Armstrong), the first to achieve flight (the Wright brothers), and we came up with the greatest television phenomenon ever: Shark Week. But when it comes to sex, we are all mixed up. For all of America’s cultural pornification—we can’t even sell a router or a chicken sandwich without a bikini-clad model dry-humping it—we still haven’t let go of a lot of the puritanical values our country was founded on. Here are a few of the things our otherwise great nation gets wrong about sex and sexuality.
伟大的美利坚合众国做了很多正确的事。我们是世界上首个将人类(尼尔•阿姆斯特朗)送上月球的国家,首个实现人类飞行梦想(莱特兄弟)的国家,我们还带来了史无前例的电视收视狂潮:鲨鱼周(Shark Week)。但是涉及到性方面,我们就乱成一锅粥了。整个美国色情文化盛行——不安排一个比基尼女郎用身体摩擦路由器或者鸡肉三明治,你就甭想把它们卖出去——当然作为我们国家创立之根本的清教徒价值观,还没有被抛却太多。我们伟大的祖国在性和性行为方面有一些误区,从以下几个面就可见一斑。

1. Sexual healthcare is not a priority.
1. 性保健不受重视。

Unless we get pregnant, a raging case of crabs, or need erection pills, it’s pretty rare for Americans to schedule an appointment with a doctor for sexual health reasons, even though the World Health Organization tells us that sexual health is “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.” Since Americans barely get any kind of health care at all, and the tiniest amount of sex education in school, it’s not surprising that people only visit doctors for sexual reasons under the most dire of circumstances, and not equally important concerns such as sexual ethics, consent, gender identity, trauma care, and desire. It’s also not surprising that we have the highest STD rates in the industrialized world. A recent report called our rates an “epidemic.” We’re number one!
除非怀孕,a raging case of crabs(性冷淡),或者需要勃起丸,其他时候美国人很少会因性保健方面的原因去看医生,即使世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)告诉人们性保健是“与性行为相关的体格,情绪,精神及社会之完全健康状态;它不只是指没有疾病,没有功能障碍或者身体不虚弱。”既然美国人民很少去做保健,外加学校里那点可怜的性教育,人们只有在极端的状况下才会因为性方面的原因去看医生也就不足为奇了,像性道德,consent(性开放), 性别认同,创伤治疗以及性欲就更微不足道了。另外,我们的性病发病率在整个工业化世界“傲居”首位。最近一份报道将我们的发病率称为是“流行病”。在这方面,我们雄霸天下。

2. Billions of dollars wasted on abstinence education.
2. 数十亿美元浪费在禁欲教育上。

Abstinence-only education—that is, teaching children, primarily girls, that the only way they can preserve their self-worth is to wait until they are married to have sex—has been a popular pastime in the U.S. for roughly the last 20 years, despite the fact that it’s been repeatedly proven not to do a damn thing to prevent teenagers from having sex. In fact, it does the exact opposite by negatively impacting condom use and sexual health.

Some lawmakers are still trying to pass legislation to end federal funding for abstinence-only programs, which mushroomed under George W. Bush, and which Obama later eliminated, only to have Republicans restore them as a concession to social conservatives under Obamacare. Thus far, however, lawmakers have been unsuccessful at ending the insanity. If only conservatives practiced abstinence as much as they preached it….

3. Discrimination against LGBT people is rampant.
3. 对 LGBT(同性恋、双性恋及变性者)的歧视十分猖獗。

In 2014, you can still get fired for being gay, lesbian, or bisexual in 29 states. The number increases to 33 states if you include transgender people. The stigmatization of sexual minorities also leads them not to seek sexual healthcare (and general healthcare) as often as their straight counterparts, leading to poorer health overall, mental health issues and long-term problems. Many don’t even feel comfortable coming out to their doctors, potentially putting them at higher risk for more serious illnesses.
2014 年,在美国的 29 个州,你仍然可能因为自己是男同性恋,女同性恋或者双性恋被解雇。如果你把变性人也算进来,那这个数字就要升至 33 个州。性少数人群受到的侮辱导致他们不会像异性恋那样经常去寻求性保健(或者普通的医疗保健),这就导致了更为糟糕的健康状况,精神方面的健康问题以及其他一些长期存在的问题。甚至只是去看医生都会让很多人感觉不舒服,潜在地给这些人置于患上更多危险疾病带来更高的风险。

And don’t even get us started on how many Americans believe bisexuality doesn’t exist.






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