2014.09.20【英译中】Giant inflatable duck artist's next big thing: Hippos

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 Giant inflatable duck artist's next big thing: Hippos


(CNN) -- When it comes to the creatures most likely to be spotted swimming down London's River Thames, hippos will be far down the list.


Until now.


Thanks to Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, eagle-eyed visitors toLondonmight just spot the three humps of an enormous hippo appearing from theThames' murky depths.


Hofman is known for his super-sized, colorful works of art, most recently the enormous inflatable rubber duck that floated around the waters of cities like Hong Kong,Sao Paulo,AucklandandOsaka.


Earlier this year, Hofman was asked to create a piece of artwork by the organizers of Totally Thames, an annual festival that celebratesLondon's famous river.

今年年初,霍妇曼受到” Totally Thames”主办人的邀请,要为年度庆祝这条伦敦名川创作一件作品。

He says he started by researching the history of the river, and eventually came across studies on hippo evolution that revealed its waters were awash with the large creatures hundreds of thousands of years ago.


The result was an artwork he's christened with a pun almost as heavy as one of the beasts he's been studying: "HippopoThames."


"I wanted to use the hippo to get people out of their homes, away from the Internet and the TV, and to exploreLondonwith a new perspective."


Not that creating a giant replica of an ungainly water mammal in one of theUK's busiest waterways is an easy business.


"I was thinking about the history, but I also had to think about practicalities," Hofman says.


"We needed to make sure it could fit under various bridges as it had to be towed into place, so it's a cocktail of ingredients: the history ofLondon, cost and the size of the space available."


Like several of Hofman's other pieces, "HippopoThames" was inspired by everyday objects -- in this case a children's book that the artist's parents gave him for their grandchild.


"One page had an illustration of a hippo and I saw it and thought that it could work really well. So the installation is something which is partly inspired by a found object," he says.


It's a process Hofman has used in the past, chiefly the enormous cuddly toys that formed his 2009 exhibition atThe Hagueand the ornament-like sparrow statues he created forBelgium's Rock Werchter music festival.

这是霍妇曼过去常用的创作手法,主要都是大型可爱的玩具,像是2009年在海牙举办的个展,或是在比利时Rock Werchter音乐节所展示的装饰品麻雀雕像。

"InAsia, people work six or seven days a week, perhaps two jobs a day. They'll have Sundays off and they make the most of their spare time.

"In those rare moments they enjoy life to the max and are more open to certain things.

"If people have less spare time they feel they should make full use of it.

"InEurope, people work hard but they have more spare time and there's a different pace. People tend to be more spoiled."


"I love the pub life inLondon, as well as the parks. If you step into any pub, people will talk to you.


"It's quite open, and they have a wonderful sense of humor -- you can have a great evening socializing."


Hofman says "HippopoThames" will be his final water-based project.


It appears that the popularity of his most recent project was a double-edged sword.


"After the rubber duck it was hard to come up with another water-related installation," he says.


"People just want another duck!"


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