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     Sometimes I hope my eyes can be changed into a camera to record these ordinary persons and that is the reason why 'Masses Diary' is born.They are satisfied with the lives,flat and mild,but they are kindhearted and ethusiastic.I do believe that there are lots of good people and they make me feeling warm when I meet them.

     【家人】香港,庙街。 夜越深,这里越热闹。一家人到海鲜排挡吃夜宵,美食让他们彼此更贴近了。

      [Family]Hong Kong,Temple Street.Deeper the night,hotter the place.A family ate supper at a seafood stall and the cate made them closer to each other.


      [Headmaster]Tongan,Ding Village.When it comed to taste we always pay attention to materials,heat controlling and seasoning.Tossing frying pan in his left hand as while as brandishing a dipper filled with some edible oil and condiments,his feel was experience,inspiration and touch.He was the headmaster in this village.When holding grand banquet,all of his family involved in the progress.Villagers all spoke highly of his cooking skills and real characters.

     【牧羊人】同安,顶村。 他都在下午出来放羊,他说山羊要是吃了晨早的露水是会坏肚子的。羊圈筑在半山,他一个人,和一群黑山羊,面朝远山。看看蓝天白云,看看明月繁星。他总是微笑,但却寡言。这样的日子也许正是又寂寞又美好。

      [Goatherd]Tongan,Ding Village.He herded sheep at afternoon to avoid goats eating grass with morning dews which can make goats suffering.Sheepfold was built at hillside.He and a herd of black goats faced to the moutain.He always smiled but silent while watching the blue sky,clouds,shining moon and an array of stars.Maybe the life was just alone and beautiful.


      [Farmer]Tongan,Ding Village.He was harvesting the leaf mustards.The soil was soft and the spring was abundant.He lit a cigarette and sang a ditty to walk into the sunshine with his crops.


      [Woman Peasant]Tongan,Ding Village.The leaf mustards grew much strong and was as high as people's waist.She said the leaf mustards were much sweeter by the reason of cool weather and frost.


      [Child]Xiamen,Huangcuo Beach.He wore gorgeously and was full of vigorous.He gathered the sand,chased the sea waves and run around the whole time.

     【村妇】泸沽湖。 她在家门口铺满了一地金黄的玉米,晒干后就可以安心过冬了。

      [Village Woman]Lugu Lake.She overspreaded the golden maize on the ground.After drying in the sun,she can go through the winter securely.


      [Vendor]Lugu Lake.I saw him selling bean jelly around the lake.He said:"I make it by myself and I will add more for you because there is few places to eat while you are riding."


      [Shaman]Shangri-La,Songzanlin Lamasery.One belif in all of us.


     [Child]Shangri-La,Songzanlin Lamasery.Mom has ever said that you should live hard even the life is hard.Wasn't life like what my mom said?


      [Passerby]Hong Kong,Tsim Sha Tsui.He attracted little attention.“Do you arrive?""Why don't you arrive now?"He dialed several calls impatiently.Strangers walked through in a hurry just like the loads assembled everywhere in the city.There is lack of nothing,but time was the only luxury.


      [Taxi Driver]Hong Kong,Yau Ma Tei.It was peaceful in the city at night.He drove the taxi around for several times.Now he was taking the guide for the person who asked the way patiently.


      [Housewife]Longyan,Wuping.She had new house and a herd of chickens and ducks.Her children had grown up.Now she was in peace.Sometimes she and her twin sister rode bikes to county town.The saved 8 yuan can make her happy for a whole day.Being simple and satisfied,maybe she was the right happy person.



     [Wild Animal Trainer]Xishuangbanna.In the interval of performance,little elephant played tricks onto him by its nose and then they played together.


     [Auxiliary Police]In the evening,fishermen come back with fruitful results while the setting sunlight pouring rays on his face.

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