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The meaning of this councillor ship query remained, of course, a riddle to her,yet she handed him the paper without replying. It was a coarse wood-cut,representing a splendid meteor "as seen in the town of Cologne," which was to be read below in bright letters. 
"That is very old!" said the Councillor, whom this piece of antiquity began to make considerably more cheerful. "Pray how did you come into possession of this rare print? It is extremely interesting, although the whole is a mere fable. Such meteorous appearances are to be explained in this way--that the yare the reflections of the Aurora Borealis, and it is highly probable they are caused principally by electricity."Those persons who were sitting nearest him and heard his speech, stared at him in wonderment; and one of them rose, took off his hat respectfully, and said with a serious countenance, "You are no doubt a very learned man, Monsieur.""Oh no," answered the Councillor, "I can only join in conversation on this topic and on that, as indeed one must do according to the demands of the world at present.""Modestia is a fine virtue," continued the gentleman; "however, as to your speech, I must say mihi secus videtur: yet I am willing to suspend my judicium.""May I ask with whom I have the pleasure of speaking?" asked the Councillor. 
"这是一张非常老的东西呀!"司法官说。他看到这件古物,感到非常高兴。"您怎样弄到这张稀有的古画的?虽然它代表一个寓言,但是它是非常有趣的!现在人们把这些常见的幻象解释成为北极光;可能它是由电光所形成的!" 坐在他身旁和听他讲话的人,都莫明其妙地望着他。其中有一位站起来,恭恭敬敬地摘下帽子,做出一种很庄严的表情,说:"先生,足下一定是当代的一位大学者!""哦,岂敢!"司法官回答说,"我所了解的只不过是一知半解,事实上这些事情大家都应该知道的!""Modestia①是一种美德!"这人说。"不过我对于您的说法很觉得Mihisecusvidetur②;但我很希望能不下这个judici-um③。""请问我现在很荣幸地得以交谈的这位先生是作何贵干?"司法官问。 
"I am a Bachelor in Theologia," answered the gentleman with a stiff reverence. 
This reply fully satisfied the Councillor; the title suited the dress. "He is certainly," thought he, "some village school master--some queer old fellow,such as one still often meets with in Jutland.""This is no locus docendi, it is true," began the clerical gentleman; "yet I beg you earnestly to let us profit by your learning. Your reading in the ancients is, sine dubio, of vast extent?""Oh yes, I've read something, to be sure," replied the Councillor. "I like reading all useful works; but I do not on that account despise the modernones; 'tis only the unfortunate 'Tales of Every-day Life' that I cannot bear--we have enough and more than enough such in reality.""'Tales of Every-day Life?'" said our Bachelor inquiringly. 
这句回答对于司法官说来已经够了,他的头衔与他的服装很相称。他想,这一定是一个老乡村教师——一位像我们在尤兰①还能碰得见的怪物。"此地的确并不是locusdocendi②,"这人说。"但我希望足下多发表一点意见来启发我们。足下的古典书籍一定读得不少。" "唔,不错,"司法官说。"我是喜欢读有用的古典著作的;不过我也喜欢读近代的著作——只是《每日故事集》③是一本例外;老实讲,这类书我们太多了。""《每日故事集》?"我们的学士问。 
"I mean those new fangled novels, twisting and writhing themselves in the dust of commonplace, which also expect to find a reading public.""Oh," exclaimed the clerical gentleman smiling, "there is much wit in them;besides they are read at court. The King likes the history of Sir Iffven andSir Gaudian particularly, which treats of King Arthur, and his Knights of the Round Table; he has more than once joked about it with his high vassals.""I have not read that novel," said the Councillor; "it must be quite a new one, that Heiberg has published lately.""No," answered the the ologian of the time of King Hans: "that book is not written by a Heiberg, but was imprinted by Godfrey von Gehmen.""Oh, is that the author's name?" said the Councillor. "It is a very old name,and, as well as I recollect, he was the first printer that appeared inDenmark.""Yes, he is our first printer," replied the clerical gentleman hastily. 
So far all went on well. Some one of the worthy burghers now spoke of thed readful pestilence that had raged in the country a few years back, meaning that of 1484. The Councillor imagined it was the cholera that was meant, which people made so much fuss about; and the discourse passed off satisfactorily enough. The war of the buccaneers of 1490 was so recent that it could not fail being alluded to; the English pirates had, they said, most shamefully taken their ships while in the roadstead; and the Councillor, before whose eyes the Herostratic* event of 1801 still floated vividly, agreed entirely with the others in abusing the rascally English. With other topics he was not so fortunate; every moment brought about some new confusion, and threatened to become a perfect Babel; for the worthy Bachelor was really too ignorant, and the simplest observations of the Councillor sounded to him too daring and phantastical. They looked at one another from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet; and when matters grew to too high a pitch, then the Bachelor talked Latin, in the hope of being better understood--but it was of no use after all. 
"What's the matter?" asked the Hostess, plucking the Councillor by the sleeve;and now his recollection returned, for in the course of the conversation hehad entirely forgotten all that had preceded it. 
"Merciful God, where am I!" exclaimed he in agony; and while he so thought,all his ideas and feelings of overpowering dizziness, against which he struggled with the utmost power of desperationencompassed him with renewed force. "Let us drink claret and mead, and Bremen beer," shouted one of the guests--"and you shall drink with us!"Two maidens approached. One wore a cap of two staring colors, denoting the class of persons to which she belonged. They poured out the liquor, and madethe most friendly gesticulations; while a cold perspiration trickled down the back of the poor Councillor. 
"What's to be the end of this! What's to become of me!" groaned he; but he was forced, in spite of his opposition, to drink with the rest. They took hold of the worthy man; who, hearing on every side that he was intoxicated, did not in the least doubt the truth of this certainly not very polite assertion; but on the contrary, implored the ladies and gentlemen present to procure him a hackney-coach: they, however, imagined he was talking Russian. 


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