【Tess of the D’urbervilles】德伯家的苔丝 (Ice)

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 Brief introduction to the book

In order to lead a better life with less effort, Jack Durbeyfield and his wife persuade their daughter Tess to go to a prosperous family. So Tess leaves her family for the D’Urbervilles. At there, she meets Alec who makes Tess unhappy and tries to possess her. Alec at last manages to have her chastity. Tess gives birth to a baby and soon the baby dies in infancy. To escape there Tess goes to work in a farm where she meets Angel Clare, who is working on different farms to get some experience. He falls in love with Tess. However, Tess refuses to him because of her shameful past. Tess finally agrees to marry angel. Before the wedding, she writes Angel a note telling everything about her past. Angel couldn’t forgive her and leaves her for Brazil. This time Tess works at another farm where she meets Alec again. Alec pursues her again. Tess writes a letter to Angel, begging him to forgive her. But Angel still couldn’t forgive her. Finally Tess goes to Alec. Before long, Angel forgives her. Tess stabs Alec while he is asleep. After spending a few happy days with Angel, she is spotted and hanged.

          Hardy's writing often illustrates the "ache of modernism", and this theme is notable in Tess, which, as one           critic noted, portrays "the energy of traditional ways and the strength of the forces that are destroying                 them". In Hardy's view, Tess, a truly good woman, she is despised by society after losing her virginity                     before marriage, falling victim to the sexual double standard.

      The schedule of reading it

Time spent daily / weekly in reading it;

Read five pages one day.

Pages covered daily / weekly;

35 pages a week.

Target date (deadline) of finishing the book;

Dec 20th.

How to supervise and motivate yourself to keep reading (any practical strategies?)

If I can read it well ,I will see the movie or read the Chinese version to help me read the English version.And I think the plot of this novel is so attractive,I believe I can insist on finishing it.

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