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Pappy was a pleasant-looking old fellow. He had the whitest hair which he kept neatly cut and combed. His eyes were blue, though faded with age, and they seemed to emit a warmth from within. His face was quite drawn, but when he smiled, even his wrinkles seemed to soften and smile with him. He had a talent for whistling and did so happily each day as he dusted and swept his pawnshop; even so, he had a secret sadness, but everyone who knew him respected and adored him.


Most of Pappy's customers returned for their goods, and he did not do much business, but he did not mind. To him, the shop was not a livelihood as much as a welcome pastime. There was a room in the back of his shop where he spent time tinkering with a menagerie of his own precious items. He referred to this back room as ‘Memory Hall.' In it were pocket watches, clocks, and electric trains,and so on. Spending time in ‘Memory Hall' delighted him as he recalled many treasured moments from his past.



One day, Pappy was working to his heart's content reassembling an old railroad lantern. As he worked, he whistled the melody of a railroad tune and reminisced about his own past as a switchman. It was a typical day at the shop. Outside, the Sun illuminated the clear sky, and a slight wind passed through the front screen door.


As he was polishing his newly restored lantern,, he heard the tinkling of his bell on the shop door. The bell, which produced a uniquely charming sound, had been in Pappy's family for over a hundred years. He cherished it dearly and enjoyed sharing its song with all who came to his shop.


Prompted by the bell, he left ‘Memory Hall' to greet his customer. At first, he did not see her. Her shiny, soft curls barely topped the counter. "And how can I help you, little lady?" Pappy's voice was jovial.

"Hello, sir." The little girl spoke almost in a whisper. She was dainty. Bashful. Innocent. She looked at Pappy with her big brown eyes, then slowly scanned the room in search of something special. Shyly she told him, "I'd like to buy a present, sir." 


    “ 您好,先生。”小女孩耳语般小声说到。她长得很秀气,有点害羞,透着纯真。她睁着大大的棕色眼睛看着帕皮老爹,然后慢慢的扫视了一遍屋内,好像在寻找什么特别的东西。她害羞地对他说:“先生,我想要买一件礼物。”

"Well, let's see," Pappy said, "who is this present for?"

"My Grandpa. It's for my Grandpa. But I don't know what to get."

Pappy began to make suggestions. "How about a pocket watch? It's in good condition. I fixed it myself," he said proudly. The little girl didn't answer. She had walked to the doorway and put her small hand on the door. She wiggled the door gently to ring the bell. Pappy's face seemed to glow as he saw her smiling with excitement. "This is just right," the little girl bubbled. "Momma says Grandpa loves music."





Just then, Pappy's expression changed. Fearful of breaking the little girl's heart, he told her, "I'm sorry, missy. That's not for sale. Maybe your Grandpa would like this little radio." The little girl looked at the radio, lowered her head, and sadly sighed, "No, I don't think so." In an effort to help her understand, Pappy told her the story of how the bell had been in his family for so many years, and that was why he didn't want to sell it. 








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