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Run Through the Rain   雨的洗礼[1]

She had been shopping with her Mom in Wal-Mart. She must have been 6 years old, this beautiful brown haired, freckle-faced image of innocence. It was pouring outside. The kind of rain that gushes over the top of rain gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the Earth it has no time to flow down the spout.


   We all stood there under the awning and just inside the door of the Wal-Mart. We waited, some patiently, others irritated because nature messed up their hurried day. I am always mesmerized by rainfall. I get lost in the sound and sight of the heavens washing away the dirt and dust of the world. Memories of running, splashing so carefree as a child come pouring in as a welcome reprieve from the worries of my day. 


   Her voice was so sweet as it broke the hypnotic trance we were all caught in. "Mom, let's run through the rain," she said.
   "What?" Mom asked.
  "Let's run through the rain!" She repeated.
   "No, honey. We'll wait until it slows down a bit," Mom replied.
   This young child waited about another minute and repeated: "Mom, let's run through the rain." ”
   "We'll get soaked if we do," Mom said. 








   "No, we won't, Mom. That's not what you said this morning," the young girl said as she tugged at her Mom's arm."
   "This morning? When did I say we could run through the rain and not get wet?"
   "Don't you remember? When you were talking to Daddy about his cancer, you said, 'If God can get us through this, he can get us through anything!"




The entire crowd stopped dead silent. I swear you couldn't hear anything but the rain. We all stood silently. No one came or left in the next few minutes. Mom paused and thought for a moment about what she would say. 


   Now some would laugh it off and scold her for being silly. Some might even ignore what was said. But this was a moment of affirmation in a young child's life. Time when innocent trust can be nurtured so that it will bloom into faith. "Honey, you are absolutely right. Let's run through the rain. If get wet, well maybe we just needed washing," Mom said. Then off they ran.  

对此,也许有人会一笑置之,或者说她不懂事,还有些人甚至可能会置若罔闻。但此时此刻,对一个年幼的孩子来说,是一个需要得到肯定的时刻。[7]此时此刻所呵护培育的纯真信赖,将在未来绽放成信仰。 “宝贝,你说得对。我们就顶着雨跑过去。如果淋湿了,也许是因为我们原本就需要洗洗了。”[8]她妈妈说。然后她们就跑了出去。

    We all stood watching, smiling and laughing as they darted past the cars. They held their shopping bags over their heads just in case. They got soaked. But they were followed by a few who screamed and laughed like children all the way to their cars. And yes, I did. I ran. I got wet. I needed washing.
    To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. I hope you still take the time to run through the rain. (480 words)




1.       考虑了很久最终把题目意译成了“雨的洗礼”。主要有两点原因:(1)结合全文的主旨来看,应该是呼吁人们洗净污浊,回归天真,这样一层含义,用“洗礼”大概可以表达;(2)文章倒数第二段有I needed washing一个短语,washing本身也有洗礼的意思,我们猜测这里有这样双关的含义。

2.   To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. 这句原文是有点对偶的句式,中文也应照顾对偶的句式为佳。其实是圣经原句来着。但是我觉得后半句还是稍微有点不通顺。

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